Adding Some Flair to Your Stairs

While you may consider the ways in which your other rooms can be decorated and personalized, many people do not consider their stairs. This can leave this section of your home looking a bit bland in comparison. To give your stairway a little bit more character, you do not necessarily need to spend a lot of money on changing the wallpaper or flooring. Instead, you can look into other more cost-effective ways of sprucing it up a bit. Considering that the stairs are often used by your household throughout the day, it can be good to inject a bit of life into them.

Art on the Walls

Having photos and other pieces of artwork on the walls may be common throughout the rest of the house, but this can also be achieved on the stairs. To give it even more character, you can order photo collage online, allowing you to use a number of prints of your choosing, to showcase them going up and down your stairs. Not only does this help you make the most of the wall space in your home, but it can be great to look at. It is up to you as to whether you space them evenly, or arrange them in a more haphazard way. In addition to this, you could use all the walls available to you, on both sides, as well as at the front of your stairs, to give an all-round artistic feel.

Utilizing Windowsill Space

Although this may not be applicable to all staircases, many have windows partway up them. This natural light can be fantastic for opening up an otherwise fairly enclosed space, but could also be used to add a bit of decoration too. Depending on the size of the windowsill itself, this could be used for ornaments or even a couple of small houseplants. Adding something to this potentially unnoticed space may not seem like a big deal, but it can add a personal effect to the area.

Decorating the Handrail

Even though a handrail is ultimately there to promote good safety when using the stairs, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be spruced up as another feature in your home. Rather than spending a lot of money to replace your existing rail, you could instead opt to transform it. The color of your handrail could be chosen based on whether you want a more sophisticated look, or if you really want to let your personality shine through. Sanding it down and then painting can create a smooth finish, allowing you to climb and descend the stairs in a safe manner, while still enjoying your new addition.

The stairways in homes are often overlooked, especially in comparison to the main rooms. By also including these sections of your home in any decorative changes, you can make sure that each area of your home is tailored to match your design tastes.