Are Magic Mushrooms Legal in Alberta?

With the alarming numbers of suicide cases worldwide, it has recently had brought concern to the community. This pandemic has also contributed to the rise and sprouts of undetected pre-pandemic mental health concerns. The limitations and constraints of quarantine guidelines in communities have made it much complicated and difficult to obtain mental health services. 

That’s why people have opted to search for home remedies that they could do to ease their minds temporarily. While indoor activities such as working out, doing home renovations, playing online games, binge-watching tv series, online classes, and online jobs could help most people distract the anxiety and stress caused by the current situation, there are still people who require special care.

To address this need, people are gravitating toward natural remedies and herbal medicine such as essential oils, cannabis, and psychedelic plants. One example of this psychedelic plant is psychedelic mushrooms, widely known as magic mushrooms. It’s been known that countries and cities around the world are decriminalizing and legalizing the uses of these substances. 

So, is it legal to use psychedelic Mushrooms in Edmonton, Calgary, St.Albert, Lethbridge, and other cities of Alberta? Right now, the use of magic mushrooms is only legal for authorized people under authorized facilities.

These magic mushrooms have already been around even from ancient times and have various subspecies growing across the world. The potency and effects of these psychedelic mushrooms differ in each subtype. Its strength is greatly affected by different factors such as the condition during growth, cultivation method used, and location/origin. 

Magic Mushrooms contain psychoactive chemicals called psilocybin and psilocin. These active ingredients produce hallucinations, and users can experience an altered state of mind. The Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA) has identified these substances under Schedule III. This means that selling, owning, and producing them are prohibited. However, they are not entirely illegal since they can be used by authorized personnel for clinical trials and research purposes following the guidelines stated under Part J of the Food and Drug Relations.\

Back in 2020, Canada has legalized the use of magic mushrooms. The Canadian government has granted permission for 4 patients with an incurable illness to decrease their feelings of anxiety and distress. Soon after, selected Canadian health care professionals were allowed to use psychedelic mushrooms themselves to research future medicinal treatments. Permitted persons were only allowed to use them within a controlled facility and are not permitted to leave, especially when under the influence.

In Alberta, a resident named Mr. White was approved to undergo magic mushroom therapy to help him deal with his severe mental health concern caused by his terminal diagnosis. A medical team will closely monitor his treatment. He has expressed his gratitude during interviews on how it was made possible for him to have a method of relief and comfort for his distress.

This notion was made possible by the SYNTAC Institute in Calgary, Alberta. They are in charge of foreseeing the progress and medication of Mr. White. The institute is researching the possibility of a new psychedelic-assisted therapy, conducting tests and experiments to demonstrate its efficacy to relieve depression, PTSD, anxiety, and near-death distress. This applies to all research institutions worldwide to discover a new approach to mental health treatment and therapy.