Best Children Movies To Watch With Your Kids Over The Weekend

  • Are you stuck at home?
  • Do you need some children’s movie suggestions to watch with your kids?

Don’t worry; we have got you covered.

Watching children’s movies with your kids gives you a chance to revisit your childhood and rekindle your childlike spirit.

You remember those unapologetic laughs at the silliest jokes, and you also dance to those beautiful songs that princes and princesses dance to.

You can do the same with your kids or simply let your kids have the time of their lives. If you add these movies to your watchlist for the next family weekend, your kids will love you ten times more. So, let’s get started on them.

Best Children Movies To Watch With Your Kids

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Now, let’s start with the list of the best children’s movies:

1: The Lion King

When it initially came out, this glittering cartoon was a lion-sized blockbuster at the box office, and it’s only gotten better since then, with a theatre spin-off, a remake, and approximately a gazillion rewatches on Disney+ to its name.

It’s worth watching our imperfect hero is Simba, the lion cub who grows from a youthful pretender to a royal presence at Pride Rock; Scar, the treacherous villain; the hilarious duo, and Pumba and Timbo.

As the song ‘Hakuna Matata’  goes, you and your kids will sing along with the tunes and have the time of your life.

2: E.T.

The storyline is pretty straightforward: a boy meets an alien.

The extraterrestrial and the boy become best buddies. When the alien needs to return home, he says farewell to him, causing viewers all across the world to sob uncontrollably.

Of course, how Steven Spielberg tells it is everything, as he infuses this family film with a childish sense of amazement. So, you must watch this one with your kids.

3: Star Wars

Youngsters will be as enthralled as if caught in a Death Star tractor beam from the film’s opening image, in which the whooping huge Star Destroyer whooshes apparently endlessly across the screen.

For two hours of timeless heroes, matinee-style magic, lovable droids, terrifying villains, and all the mysteries of the Jedi share the screen, keeping even the most restless children occupied.

Watching Star Wars films has become a mandatory family rite of passage with each new addition to the original spin-off.

4: Home Alone

For Christmas in Paris, the McCallister family is more than ready to leave the suburbs for Christmas in Paris. However, things go wrong when they realize their kid Kevin has been left at home.

The kid doesn’t mind having the place to himself, especially since he’s eating ice cream for dinner, watching mature gangster movies, and spreading mayhem.

But when a couple of burglars put their sights on the beautiful mansion, Kevin is forced to fight for himself against Harry and Marv, who both need a little assistance in being burglars.

5: Finding Nemo

Clownfish, Marlin will appeal to parents, and his baby, Nemo, is very relatable to children. There’s no surprise there!

The disobedience of Nemo is especially fun to watch. The small fish gets away in the deep blue sea—fishermen catch it—Nemo breaks out and comes back to the sea to meet his father.

Allow Nemo’s adventure to serve as a lesson to all of your kids.

6: Frozen

If you’re unfamiliar with the sisters that have turned the world of Disney princesses upside down, you must watch Frozen.

Anna and Elsa reside in Arendelle, and Elsa has the ability to freeze things. Thus, their lovely land will soon be engulfed in an endless winter. Yikes!

When Elsa goes into hiding, Anna searches for her with the support of her new boyfriend and a few other pals. Will the two sisters be able to figure it out? Watch the movie to find out.

7: Despicable Me

Gru is a suburban supervillain whose seemingly harmless home stands above a giant underground lair populated by armies of yellow gibberish-speaking minions.

Gru wants to be the best villain in the world, and he plots the moon’s theft.

However, when he adopts three gorgeous orphan children, their feisty charm and winning optimism quickly begin to thaw his frozen, cold heart.

Wrap Up

This list will suffice for many coming weekends because you can’t watch more than one or two in a day. You must relish each of these films and let your child question you everything they did not understand about the movie.

Once you finish this list, you can come back to us for more recommendations. We will be happy to guide you to find more children’s movies.