Kid-Friendly Edmonton Ice Cream Shops You Have to Try This Summer | 2018

When it comes to warm weather, we’ve got ice cream on the mind. We’re checking out the flavours at our favourite shops to take-home, we’re checking out the new ice cream stands and we’re having ice cream for dessert more than ever. If the warm weather has you craving ice cream, we wanted to share kid-friendly places to find the best ice cream in Edmonton.

Best ‘Kid Friendly’ Ice Cream in Edmonton

Bubble Cream 
Bubble Cream opens the first location in early May, and it’s near the premium outlet malls – so you can get a bit of shopping in at the same time. If you’ve ever wanted ice cream with a bubble waffle, ice cream in a taco, or delicious, delicious toppings – it’s one that you’re going to have to add to your list.
Find it at: Premium Outlet Collection – Edmonton International Airport

The Cream Cream Shack 
Classic ice cream, milkshakes in every flavour and the kid and family-friendly aspects, like having wet wipes on hand, and toys scattered for the kids to play with, it’s worth a stop if you’re spending some time in Sherwood Park – and a great way to cool off after a trip to Broadmoor Lake. The great assortment of flavours, and the fact that you can make any flavour a milkshake, easily the best ice cream in Edmonton and area!
Find it at: 11 Athabascan Ave

Scoop n Roll
The best rolled ice cream in the city, and one of our favourites, it’s worth the line that you might encounter on a hot and sunny afternoon. It’s rolled ice cream, with flavours and toppings that are going to leave you wanting more – and generous serving sizes, perfect for sharing. You know, unless you’re four and that just isn’t in your skill set.
Find it at: Various locations

Sweet Jesus 
This one didn’t tickle our fancy as adults, but the kids went absolutely crazy over the soft-serve ice cream joint newly opened at Southgate Centre. As an up side, it’s a great way to cool off when it’s just too hot to be outside any longer, because it’s in an air conditioned mall.
Find it at: Southgate Centre

80 Flavours
Classic hard ice cream, picnic tables and usually green space to sit because no one wants to bring kids and ice cream cones back into their vehicle, there are many flavours of classic hard ice cream to choose from, with multiple locations around the city.
Find it at: See locations

Yelo’d isn’t open yet – they’re just in the beginning stages, but you’re going to want to keep your eyes peeled for when they hit the streets because it’s going to be a strong contender for best ice cream in Edmonton. Delicious and innovative flavours in an environment that is bound to be kid-friendly, you can follow along with the journey at
Find it at: Coming Soon

The Italian Centre Shop
One of our favourite things to do on a weekend afternoon is browse through the store, grab some gelato from Spinelli’s and head over to Giovani Caboto park across the street. It’s a delicious way to spend an afternoon or evening, and a bonus, one of the most affordable places to get gelato in Edmonton.
Find it at: 10878 95 Street NW

Yeh! Frozen Yogurt
Have you been craving dole whip ever since you returned from vacation? Yeh! has multiple flavours of Dole Whip for you to get your hot little hands on and the best ice cream in Edmonton (if you count frozen yogurt). If you want a side of fun with your Dole Whip, you can always head into the waterpark, where there’s a Dole stand in there for you to get your fix (and by you, I mean, the kids).
Find it at: West Edmonton Mall

Looking for ice cream? You can also find it at K-days and the midways around town through the summer months. Find the full list of Edmonton carnivals and midways, here.