Casino Game Trends We Can Expect to See in 2022

By 2022, the global online gambling industry is expected to reach a value of $565 billion. Clearly, consumers are increasingly buying into online casino gaming, helped by technological advances that constantly improve and personalise user experience.

With a new year will come new trends, from the prevalence of cryptocurrencies as a payment method to enhanced virtual reality capabilities to increased security and social responsibility. If you’re interested in delving into the details of those developments, this article will outline some of the biggest casino game trends we can expect in 2022.

Online Casino Gaming Trends for 2022

Cryptocurrencies will become more mainstream

Increasing numbers of online casino games are accepting cryptocurrencies like bitcoin as methods of payment. 2022 promises even more casino games with bitcoin offered as a payment option – and gamers who opt for this payment type are frequently incentivised with benefits and bonuses. What’s more, using crypto as a payment method can enhance the anonymity and the security of the transaction, protecting the user’s identity even further.

More virtual reality breaking through

Virtual reality is still expensive, but it’s becoming more mainstream, with users enjoying the immersive interactive experience made possible through immaculate graphics and audio design. 

VR casino games are looking to become increasingly popular, with headsets and other equipment priced at a more reasonable limit for average consumers. Newer consoles and increased connection through 5G will also make VR streaming more accessible for gamers. If the popularity of augmented reality gaming is anything to go by, VR casino games will only heighten the player experience and involvement.

Live streaming is also going to continue to grow in popularity, offering players the chance to participate in games from the comfort of their own space.

Increased security 

As mentioned above, cryptocurrencies can play their part in enhancing the security of the online casino experience. This is an area that is absolutely critical to the online gambling industry in all its forms – and it’s no different for casino games. Increased encryption and blockchain technologies will continue to improve security for players, improving anonymity and data transparency, as well as developing more advanced strategies through which they are able to guard against phishing, fraud, or hackers. 

More social responsibility – but also increased social aspects to gaming

The gambling industry recognises the importance of preserving the wellbeing of players and is committed to improving mechanisms for their users to participate responsibly. Underage gambling and irresponsible spending are hot issues, and the use of new AI in identifying troublesome habits and behaviours is already being implemented in some sectors. This AI will only become more prevalent as we move further into 2022 and beyond. 

There’s also an acknowledgement that casino gaming is a social experience for many players, who compete against friends, families, and even strangers across the globe. Developers are looking to increase this social aspect, improving a sense of community in players.

An ever-growing market with better benefits for consumers

The online casino gaming market is only going to keep growing, thanks to more mobile technologies that allows players to participate on-the-go as a result of improved network connectivity. 2022 should see increasing numbers of players, helped by the fact that operators are offering more attractive benefits and bonuses for players as a result of the competitive market.