Classic Decorating Tips for Log Cabins

Have you become a proud owner of a log cabin somewhere in the woods? Congratulations, now you have a place where you can go to whenever you want to escape from the city noise or unwind after a long week at work. However, if your new place feels cold and outdated, don’t worry. With these classic decorating tips your cabin will get that cozy vibe and become a haven where you will gladly spend your time reading books, grilling with friends, or resting by the fireplace. 

Don’t go overboard

Its wooden, simple, natural look is half of its charm, so do not aim for a modern or futuristic look when redecorating your cabin. To keep the fresh and unique look of your cottage do not under any circumstances get rid of wood flooring. Instead, sand the floors and stain them to give your home away from home a new yet rustic look. 

Opt for wooden furniture

Rugged wooden chairs, cowboy prints, and large pine tables are a must-have when it comes to furnishing log cabins. If you are not willing to splurge on new furniture, old pieces will do just fine. The best thing about wooden chairs and tables is that you can always give them a makeover and create something amazing and gorgeous out of something old and unattractive. 

Amp up the lighting

If your cabin is full of dark corners, it will seem much smaller. To avoid this, let natural light into your cottage as much as possible in order to highlight the existing space. Instead of using a single overhead fixture, place several table and floor lamps all over the room. Not only will you be able to see better, but these lamps will give your cabin a cozy vibe. Keep in mind that antler lighting is an extremely popular choice for log cabins and will bring your rustic styled home close to perfection. 

Pay attention to the details

Now that your floors are done, you have a place to sit and rest your feet and your cabin is well lit, it is time to think about décor. One of the things that simply screams cabin in the woods is a mounted deer head. If you like taxidermy products, click here to find out more about this art of preserving an animal’s body. Giving your cabin your own personal touch doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, wrought iron home decorations go hand in hand with log cabins and they do not cost that much. You can opt for an iron key holder, cabinet door knobs, wall hooks, shelf hangers, or coat bars. 

Create a comforting atmosphere

To complete the look of your cozy cabin, you will need a lot of rugs, linens, throws, quilts and so on. Since they come in all colors, shapes and sizes, you can easily find those that suit your taste perfectly.  With handmade quilts, you can really create a classic look, while western style rugs are ideal for covering your wooden floors.

Treat Your Windows 

If your cabin is located someplace where there is no one around for miles, go ahead and let the natural beauty of windows shine through. However, if you are aiming for something a little more sophisticated, dramatic drapes or curtains can make all the difference. They will not only give your space some privacy but if you install floor-to-ceiling drapery the room will actually appear larger.

You might feel the urge to add a ton of accessories and knickknacks to your cabin but resist it. Instead, determine what you really need so you don’t clutter the room. After all, you can change the look of your cabin whenever you want to by removing some old decorations and bringing in some new ones.