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Condo Living for Families – How to Find a Quiet Condo

It’s not always obvious what to look for when seeking a quiet condo. People who have lived in several condos would know exactly what to look for, but for newbies, it can be quite tricky. It’s not always smart to rely on opinions of the residents when looking around. Not that residents will lie to prospective buyers, but some people will believe a condo is quiet, when in fact, it’s beyond just plain noisy. Don’t take condo residents’ word for it.

People who live in an apartment complex may experience different annoying or disturbing noises, from the simple chatter along the hallways to a pool pump that squeaked loudly through the night at regular intervals. Many residents would say these things don’t bother them, especially when they have lived in the building for a long time. So here’s the main rule: when looking for a quiet condo, don’t bother interviewing residents. Do the research yourself and start with these pointers:

Is the Condo Near a Shopping Centre?

“Near” means that the resident can see the shopping center from the premises. A shopping center means the resident will be awakened in the middle of the night by parking lot sweeping machines. You’ll be awakened as early as 5 AM by—believe it or not— the sound of store metal gates sliding open. If that doesn’t wake you up, the daily garbage trucks handling the parking lot dumpsters probably will.

Is it near the bus?

If the bus pickup is across the street from your unit, you will be awakened by noisy kids waiting for the bus as early as 7 AM. If it’s by a regular bus stop, the resident will be awakened by loud screeching brakes of the bus.

Is there a Speed Bump?

If it is, the resident will be awakened repeatedly in the middle of the night by commercial and pickup trucks being jangled as they go over the dip or speed bump.

What are the quiet hours?

A highway will have all kinds of vehicles passing through all throughout the day. You would not want constant screeching sound of tires against the highway when you’re trying to sleep at night. In the same way, find a condo that has HOA rules prohibiting loud parties after 11 pm. Even when some people break such rule, you can easily report them so you can avoid it in the future.

Don’t forget to Check the Walls! 

If you are standing inside a unit and can hear people talking on the other side of the wall, below you, or above you, that isn’t the best choice for a quiet condo.

With these guiding notes, you’ll be ready to find the quiet condo in Edmonton that will suit your needs. If you’re also looking for a vacation home that you can stay at during out of town trips and holidays, a waterfront condo in Toronto would be perfect for you. While areas like the lakefront and other touristy places can be less quiet than others, the view and activities make up for it, which is totally fine for vacation houses.