Costco is Selling a Cooked, Ready to Eat Taco Kit (And Making all of Your Dreams Come True)

There’s a new prepared meal at Costco and it’s going to have all of your taco Tuesday dreams coming true. Street food tacos: everything you need to make an easy meal at home. For us, it’s a third of the price of bringing the kids through the drive through, and an incredible way to eat at home, but still have the convenience of having everything readied for you.

The new Costco street tacos are really like a meal prep kit, where everything is cooked ahead of time for you – like one of those moments when you’re walking through Costco and you find this taco kit, and you hope, cross your fingers, and pray that it’s going to be good. Spoiler alert: it was.

What’s included in the Street taco kit?

  • flour tortillas (12)
  • salsa
  • cheese
  • cilantro lime crema
  • cooked chicken
  • lime slices

You know that spice Costco uses on a lot of their meat items? The seasoning they use for the chicken is similar, or the same. When my husband warmed up the chicken he added a bit more seasoning, and a bit of sauce (it was delicious). You could serve it up cold, picnic style, and it would still be a convenient way to get dinner on the table (or grab and go at the local playground!)

Was it enough for our family of five? When my husband was making dinner, he threw some tater tots in the oven, put together a $3 salad kit (also from Costco), and called it a day. We needed to add additional tacos/cheese, but had leftover chicken. Each kid devoured two or three tacos, and at $16 for the kit – and leftover chicken for lunches, it’s going to become a regular in our meal rotation.

Check your local Costco store if you’re looking for an easy dinner, something simple to bring along to the spray park (hello, one container with everything you need) and a ready-made picnic. Then, cross your fingers with me that they continue to make the kits to get me through the summer months.