Dedicated Team: Benefits and Disadvantages 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dedicated Teams 

Amid the modern boom in the software development industry, you may find it hard to hire a full in-house team for your web project. The reasons may vary, from the unavailability of necessary talent in your location to the high cost of full-time staff for your company and a pay stub creator. Still, the option of delegating the project to freelancers is not always a good idea. You may find it hard to establish collaboration between developers scattered across the globe, suffering extra costs and problems. 

To help you out and find the golden middle, outsourced software development companies have designed an optimal alternative– a dedicated team. Here, experts from the Brights dedicated team explain the practical implications of hiring a dedicated team for your software project. Read on to find all the pros and cons of using this hiring model and make an informed decision. 

Dedicated Team Model 

Getting a dedicated team for your software development project means delegating all the administrative and legal overheads to an external service provider. Once you partner with a company providing such services, you get a fully equipped team of coders and designers working solely on your project for the estimated period. The team works from the provider’s office and has a separate room for its operations and communication with the client and with each other. You can also ask the provider to assign a Project Manager to your team so that this person holds sole responsibility for all communication, deadline compliance, and project changes. 

Benefits of a Dedicated Team 

Obviously, working with a ready-made team of software developers has many benefits you will feel as a business owner. Here are some of them.  

  • Cost-effectiveness 

Partnering with a dedicated team is a great idea for businesses with only one project and a small budget. An in-house team of developers makes sense if you need continuous software development and maintenance work inside the company. Thus, one or two projects may be completed by an outsourced team, letting you avoid the costs of recruitment, taxes, payroll, and equipment of the office space with the needed hardware and software. 

  • Tight-knit work of client and team 

Working with several freelancers is challenging in terms of time and effort. Still, a dedicated team is all set in one place, conveniently hosted by your service provider to perform only your tasks. Thus, you can collaborate with the team closely and effectively by scheduling weekly meetings and keeping in touch with your Project Manager. 

  • Full management by the client

You can manage the team’s work independently or assign a Project Manager to coordinate all project work. As a result, you will always be kept in the loop about the project’s progress, giving feedback and making revisions underway.  

  • Maximum focus on the project 

Freelancers often have several projects at hand at the same time. This will never happen with a dedicated team, as it’s officially “dedicated” only to your project for the whole negotiated period. 

Disadvantages of a Dedicated Team 

Naturally, a dedicated team model is not devoid of drawbacks. You should know them well before choosing this approach.  

  • Transparency of management 

If you manage the team on your own, you will surely know all ins and outs of the development process. But this approach is time-demanding, and a better option is assigning a Project Manager for daily operations’ coordination. This approach also has a downside, giving you a lack of control over the project’s progression and adding an intermediary in your communication with the team. 

  • Affordability of services 

When you hire separate freelancers, you save a ton of costs compared to a dedicated team. In the latter case, you need to pay a fee to the service provider for the office space, legal, financial, and administrative overheads, and service provision. Thus, the final quote may be considerable. 

  • Professionalism 

You have little control over the process of hiring specialists for your dedicated team. Thus, some experts may do their job not very well, which becomes apparent only in the process of work. So, make sure you discuss the opportunity of changing team members underway with your service provider. 

Final Remarks 

As you can see, working with a dedicated team is a convenient and flexible option for getting your software project done. You save costs, don’t need to expand your office space, and avoid the tedious recruitment process. So, we recommend considering this hiring model as an optimal solution for SMEs seeking a high quality of software development but limited in the financial and staffing resources to complete these projects on their own.