Do These 6 Things To Avoid Making A Breakup Worse

Come on guys, everyone has been there! The entire population can all say they have all suffered a breakup more than once throughout their lifetime. With a breakup comes that sense of feeling completely worthless, unwanted by one you love, and ultimately, is the action that causes the heart to break and shatter into a million pieces. Yes, after enduring a breakup you feel life has ended and love may never be found again!

The truth is, whether you are the one who initiated the breakup or even worse, are the one on the receiving end, the world as we know it can imminently feel like it is falling apart around us and may never ever be whole again. After all, you have lost the one who has been such a huge part of your life for so long and in reality, you can do nothing more than accept the chance that their existence is no more in your life. Yes, it truly can be devastating!

Breakups Are Always Hard But You Can Make it Easier On Yourself

Now, nobody ever said that a breakup is easy! Let’s face it, everyone is human and has emotions and in all honesty, will feel the effects for some time after. If your relationship is truly over and it is evident that there is no way back, then no matter how hard it may be, you must learn to accept it and move on with your life. Believe me, you will cope and survive this! 

The secret to moving on and mending that broken heart is to play your cards right after your girlfriend broke up with you and avoid prolonging the effects of the breakup, which will only make matters worse! Here are some tips to avoid making a breakup any worse than it already is!

Don’t Turn to Excessive Drinking

Never turn to the bottle after suffering a breakup! I know it may be tempting to swish down that bottle of booze to numb the pain, however, this isn’t a good idea. You may feel better when you are totally sozzled but in reality, when the booze wears off you will only feel even worse. Your problems will still be there the next morning when the alcohol has lost its effect.

Remove Your Ex From Your Life for a While So You Can Heal

Obviously, your ex has been a huge part of your life for so long, so you will be used to speaking to them on a daily basis, sending them a text or two, and checking out their social media profile religiously. Well, now is the time to stop, at the end of the day you are a couple no more, and choosing to indulge in this will only bring you more heartache, evidently prolonging your agony. It’s time to remove them from your life for a while and give your heart time to heal.

Avoid Going On the Rebound

Most people think to get over your ex you need to climb straight back on the horse, so to speak. However, they could not be more wrong! Granted, you may feel wanted again and it could provide you with temporary relief but in all honesty, it will be short-lived. This will only stir up more emotions you really don’t need right now and you need to give yourself time to heal from your past feelings before adding any unneeded new ones to the mix! Trust me, rebounds can make matters worse.

Don’t Think About the What-Ifs and Maybes!

It can be so easy to fall into a state of disarray wondering what you could have done to maybe save your relationship. Banish all thoughts out of your mind that revolves around the what-ifs and maybe you could have done. You need to face that your relationship is over and no good can come out of tormenting yourself with these thoughts. After all, there’s nothing to say the relationship may have worked out if these what-ifs were fulfilled. Give yourself a break!

Never Cut Yourself Off From the Rest Of the World!

The worst thing you can do is choose to isolate and cut yourself off from the rest of the world! It can be so easy to feel like giving up on life when suffering great pain but the fact is you are placing yourself in a vicious circle of grief. You need to get out and mingle with friends and try to live life to the fullest. This will take your mind away from the grief and will arm you with the support from your friends needed to finally get over that relationship. Life must go on!

Don’t Fantasise About Plotting Your Revenge!

When the heart is broken and you feel cheated out of happiness it can be so easy to fall into the mind frame of plotting vengeful acts upon your ex! This is no good! Once again you are setting yourself up to be trapped in a vicious circle and will only end up hurting yourself even more. You are never gonna move on if you are planning acts of revenge for the future. Please don’t stoop as low to try sleeping with your ex’s friends or trying to damage their reputation with nasty rumors. In time you will be thankful you let it go.

So there you have it guys! To mend that broken heart and find happiness once again, it is essential to not get caught up in the acts listed above. Even though it may take a while for those emotional bruises to heal, someday you will and you will look back on that period of your life and thank the lucky stars you handled your breakup the right way!