The Edmonton Outdoor Pool Survival Guide

It’s prime outdoor pool season in Edmonton. If you’re searching for a place to cool off with the kids, you’ve got a variety of options to choose from. Our favourites? Fred Broadstock pool for the fun spray deck, and Mill Creek for the quick access to trails that you can walk before cooling off in the pool.

Are you planning on spending your day at one of the outdoor pools in Edmonton? Here are some tips to help you survive the pool deck:

Choose the Right Pool | Spend the second month of summer at the pools in the city – and if you plan on going often enough, there’s still enough time to buy the Edmonton Outdoor Pools season pass. You get access to the four outdoor pools in the city, and can spend mornings, afternoons, and even some evenings checking out the pool.

Go Early | Go early to get the best spots by the pool, getting a good spot close to the kids area before the pool deck fills up, or even gets to capacity and you’re turned away. Going early also means more space in the pool, before the crowds arrive.

Pack a Lunch | Bring a lunch with you to keep the outing wallet-friendly. Bringing snacks with you in a cooler that’s going to keep them cool means you can spend hours at the pool, without making a visit to the concession (and keeping you on track with your summer budget).

Bring Your Own Toys | Most of the pools have a few toys to play with in the water, but you’re going to want to extend the time the kids will enjoy at the pool by bringing your own. Bring small water toys, like buckets and scoops and even a (smallish) pool float for the kids to enjoy while you’re at the pool.

Know the Rules | At many of the city pools, you’ve got to keep a close eye on the little ones – even if they’ve proven that they can swim. Make sure you stay in the shallow end with the kids if you don’t want to get into the pool yourself – and know the rules of the ages/limits of children swimming in the pool.

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