Every Parent Should Attend this Parent Conference in Edmonton

With three kids I was certain I would have it all figured out – I mean, at three kids, it’s not your first rodeo. You should have a handle on things, right? Wrong. Every single child is different and I’ve found myself encountering different scenarios and struggles with each kid that were nowhere close to what we’ve encountered with their older sibling.

Books, articles, podcasts, seminars – when we’re struggling with something that doesn’t come naturally in our house, I absorb as much information as I can about the topic. It’s how we stopped yelling in our house last year, taught the kids the value of experiences rather than things, and learned invaluable techniques to help one of our children learn to navigate anxiety.

Books and podcasts are great, but there’s something about being able to connect with experts at in-person seminars and conferences, where you can ask questions and learn from the questions that other parents are asking.

Children’s Mental Health Conference

The Children’s mental health conference is coming to Edmonton, April 26th, 27th and 28th, 2019. There are two options available for parents, teachers and professionals: you can choose between full day seminars and half day seminars…or buy a weekend pass and do a combination of both!

You can attend a half-day session to learn about the impact of technology on children and youth (for all of us battling with tween screen time limits), or you could take in a  session that teaches an indepath approach to understanding the power of play, or perhaps you could explore how to help children through the grieving process.

Alternatively, you can participate in a full day session focusing on cultivating courage in children, or you could learn strategies to help children with attention-based issues,  or you could spend the day understanding how to help children who are anxious.

The conference has 24 different presentations and workshops all presented by Registered Psychologists, a Chiropractor and a Homeopath. You are empowered to create an experience that focuses on the unique needs that you face as a caregiver.

Use this link, to save $10 when you buy a weekend pass for the Children’s Mental Health Conference on April 27 and 28, 2019. Learn more at www.instituteofchildpsychology.com.