Everything You Need to Know About the Santa’s Parade of Lights in Edmonton 2017

Santa's Parade of Lights in Edmonton

Santa’s Parade of Lights has become a fast tradition in our house, as we bundle up, and head downtown with friends, hot cocoa in hand thermos, and kids in tow. Are you planning on watching Santa’s Parade of Lights in Edmonton? We’ve got a few tips to make it a smashing success with the kids.

This year, there’s a new location and a bigger, and even better Santa parade of lights in-store for Edmonton, on November 18th, 2017 at 5:3o pm – here’s what you need to know before you go.

Santa’s Parade of Lights in Edmonton Route

The Parade route for the Edmonton Santa Clause Parade is down Jasper Avenue and will span eight blocks beginning at 100th Street and ending at 108 Street. We like to get a spot near the beginning of the parade, because it’s a little bit easier when you’re trying to leave at the end of the celebration.

The Parking

Speaking of leaving, let’s talk parade parking. The parade will take about 45 minutes from beginning to end, and you can use the recommendations on the Santa Clause Parade of Lights website, for parking. Jasper Avenue will be closed, however cross streets on the parade route will be opened intermittently by Edmonton Police to allow north-south traffic. See the parade map to plan ahead your driving route and parking location.

The Food 

If you don’t bring your own hot chocolate, there are snacks to warm you up, with two locations to find local popular food trucks this year! You’ll find those in Beaver Hills Park (105 Street and Jasper Avenue), and at 102 Street and Jasper Avenue. It’s the perfect way to start or finish the Santa’s Parade of Lights in Edmonton.

Santa Letters

Don’t forget to bring your letter to Santa! Not only are there are going to be opportunities to hand it over during the parade, but you can also find post office boxes to mail letters along the route. There’s even a handy, Santa letter template that you can find on the Santa’s Parade of Lights, to bring along with you.

Remember: the mailing address for letters to Santa is Santa Claus North Pole H0H 0H0

Bringing the Kids to the Parade

As the parade takes place after dark, there are often glow sticks and other items for sale around the parade route. Save some money from that Christmas fun budget and buy these before you come. Remember: get bigger sizes that are going to fit over snowsuits.

Layer, layer, layer to see the Santa’s Parade of Lights in Edmonton – especially if you’ve got fairweather children who aren’t used to spending forty-five minutes outdoors, after dark, without a lot of movement.

Bring something to sit on. Chairs and blankets are going to make sure that everyone you’re watching the parade with stays nice and toasty, but you might want to consider how long, and who, is going to be carrying everything that you bring with you – Hint: it’s probably you. Pack the things that are going to make the experience more comfortable, but don’t forget to pack light!

See you on the parade route! 

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