Expert Tips for Driving Around Large Trucks

Regardless of the driving experience, nobody likes having semi trucks near them on the road and the drivers of the large trucks don’t appreciate a lot of traffic either. They have very limited visibility and large blind areas around them, meaning they might not be able to see you at some point. Additionally, regarding the size of the semi-trucks, they cannot maneuver as easily and take longer to stop compared to passenger vehicles. All of this makes driving around large trucks a big driving challenge and can only get even more difficult in poor weather conditions. Therefore, we have gathered together a few professional tips on how to handle these situations the best way possible.

Be Aware Of Their Blind Spots

One of the most important things to consider is a semi truck’s range of blind spots. We are all familiar with the term blind spots and we know every vehicle has them, but the bigger a vehicle is, the greater the area of blind spots is. Most of the time semi-trucks are driving with a trailer attached which means there is a huge amount of area near their vehicle that they cannot see at all times. As the truck driver’s site only has a sizable spot that the driver can’t detect with a blind spot covering almost 1 lane next to the driver’s side seat. If possible try your best to avoid these spots. If you have to enter any of these areas, at least have in mind that the truck driver isn’t aware of your vehicle and your actions.

Increase Following Distance

Keeping a driving distance of at least four seconds between your vehicle and a commercial truck seems like an easy rule to follow, but you should also understand why this is so important. Semi-trucks are very large and heavy vehicles, and therefore their ability to maneuver is minimal. Most large trucks weigh 20-30 times more than normal vehicles and take almost double more time than normal vehicles to completely stop.  Being too close to semi-trucks when they need to make a turn, slow down or stop can result in an accident that usually tends to be catastrophic. Keeping a safe distance will also give you more time to react to the potential tire blowouts and rollovers especially during the traffic.

Drive Defensively

While drivers can’t always prevent accidents due to other drivers’ reckless behaviors, they can do their best to predict situations on the road and use at least some of the defensive driving techniques such as keeping your speed down and having an escape route at any given moment. You should also be aware of your surroundings always and know how to eliminate potential distractors. Unfortunately, even if you do follow all the rules and stay focused and prepared for everything, you might get involved in an accident, due to the negligence of other reckless drivers. As the professionals from the explain, having an experienced lawyer by your side saves you a lot of additional trouble in case of an unfortunate accident. 

Drive Patiently

The essential tip when sharing the road with semi-trailer trucks is patience. Driving a huge semi-truck is everything but easy, that’s why truck drivers have strict operating rules to follow and often use various regulating devices. Maneuvering through traffic and aggressiveness while driving, will not by any means encourage a commercial driver to speed up or follow you through. It could only put you in danger of causing an accident yourself. In addition to being patient, it is strongly advised to stay highly focused near large semi-trucks on the road. Staying focused allows you to respond appropriately to any sudden movements, which in the case of large trucks is always quite a challenge. 

Practice Safe Passage

If you are on the highway and are about to pass a semi-truck, make sure to keep a couple of things in mind.  First, assess the situation by checking all the traffic that surrounds you including the lanes behind you, in front of you, and at your side. Another important thing is to always approach them from the left side because it is easier for the driver to see you. Always signal clearly and in advance while keeping a constant speed. Before you get back into the lane in front of the truck, make sure you can see the truck in your rearview mirror to ensure a safe distance.

Being near the large commercial trucks on the road is everything but ordinary and the rules that apply to most of the vehicles in the traffic change in an instant. Staying focused and having in mind all these expert tips next time you find yourself behind the semi-truck might save you and other drivers and passengers from incidents and injuries.