Explore: Strathcona Bike Skills Park

The Strathcona County Bike Skills park includes a variety of natural features including dirt ramps, rock boulders and logs. Together, these features create a variety of ladder bridges, a wall ride and various sized dirt jumps to appeal to all ages and skill levels.

If you’re wondering where to start, you can use the difficulty marker map, located here. Getting started on our first few trips to the park, our kids 6-8, stuck to the green sections but we could easily see them coming to the more technical skills in the future, with a few more trips.

It’s a fantastic new landscape for kids that are comfortable on two wheels, and smaller kids will enjoy going down the smaller hills on a strider bike, or with the assistance of parents. The park isn’t really training-wheel friendly, and provides great technical practice for kids that are going t hit the trails over the course of the summer months.

You can find the Strathcona Bike Skills Park at 300 Broadview Road, in Sherwood Park, at the corner of Broadview and Bethel Drive.  

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