Whitemud Park (Alfred H. Savage Centre)

Staying inside during the winter isn’t an option if you’ve got high energy kids. If you know, you know – and you know the importance of layering and bundling up, getting out there and exploring the city.

The latest place that we’ve been exploring is the trails at Alfred H. Savage Centre. A hotspot for wildlife spotting, we’ve spotted a variety of birds, and even a coyote off in the distance. The kids love coming in and out, because of the designated equine trails and they frequently spot horses while we’re driving in and out, and walking about.

You’ll see the trail from the toboggan hill and the parking lot, so it’s nice and easy to find. You can  start off at the bridge and walk as long as you think the kids will last. During the winter, pulling a sled is easy, there are minimal slopes that you have to worry about on the trail.

Why we love it: 

Parking: parking is at the beginning of the trail, it makes it easy for little kids to get to the trail without complaining about being tired before you’ve even begun
Washrooms: there are washroom facilities at Alfred H. Savage Centre
Packed paths: the paths are used quite regularly, and the snow is packed down through the winter months making it an an easy walking choice.
Toboggan hill: bring the toboggans, and run off that last bit of winter energy going up and down the stairs at the toboggan hill at Alfred H. Savage Centre.

Find the Whitemud Ravine trail off to the side of Alfred H Savage Centre at 13204 Fox Drive

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