Exploring Strathcona Science Park with Kids

Strathcona Science Park is part of Edmonton’s River Valley Trail System, connected to Rundle Park by a pedestrian bridge. Years ago, it was meant to be a premier science destination, but now, all but one of the octagonal buildings has been torn down.

Exploring Strathcona Science Park

What activities can you do at the Science Park? Hiking, Mountain Biking, Geocaching, running around and up and down hills, throwing stones over the side of the bank into the river, finding the hidden boardwalk.

In addition to things to do in the River Valley, there’s a surprising amount of history under your feet. First Nations artifacts, a landfill and a coal mine dot the banks and land. You’ll notice historical plaques that tell the story near the building, abandoned in the 80s.

There’s no shortage of things to do at Strathcona Science Park, in fact, it’s one of our favourite places to spend the evening because the sunset views of the city are phenomenal. Visit right before sunset, and you’ll be treated to views overlooking the city. It’s a great place to bring a picnic during the warmer months, but during the winter there are no warming huts or fire pits for use.

Tip: the park is suitable for all seasons, walking through the winter months and biking during the summer months when the single track trails are dry.

For young children, there’s an easy trek from the parking lot, to the trails, benches and places to run. For older children, there are single track bike trails, geocaches hidden throughout the park, and plenty of space for the kids to run and explore.

Find Strathcona Science Park at 10980 17 Street NW