Family Date: Unicorn Mug Making Session at 4Cats

Last night we dropped Stella off at Grandma’s house and did something that we’ve been looking forward to since a month ago – when we booked the fun experience: we took part in a family mug making workshop at 4Cats. We made four mugs, unicorn mugs, fashioned from nothing but clay and our bare hands – and had a fun, two-hour experience at one of the local 4Cats Studios.

Workshops have been reduced in price, down to only $57/4 people. The cost and format has changed from the previous $25/person, making it a family-friendly night out for four of us, for under $60.

It started with a quick run through of how to form the mugs from the instructor and we got started. The kids quickly declared it a contest between the parents to see who could create the best mug (funny) and we spent the time joking, laughing and creating add-ons, like flowers, for our unicorns.

At the end of the night, we left the unicorn mugs there to be fired, with instructions to check out the schedule online and plan a time to come back and paint them once they’ve been dried in the kiln. F

Family Workshops at 4Cats

We’ve made multiple mugs in the past from 4Cats – and with the reduced price and the fact that we can bring the entire family for $57, well – you can bet that we’ll be adding more of their homemade projects to our home collection. I love seeing them in the cupboard, and on display in our home.

Here’s what you should know before you go: 
Wear old clothes. This one should be obvious, and they have t-shirts available to wear (see Violet in the photo), as well as aprons, but the expensive leggings your kids have on underneath won’t be immune to hands being wiped on them throughout the project.
Expect to make multiple trips to the studio. The first session is to create the mug, but you’re going to have to return to paint it, and pick it up. Keep this in mind when you’re choosing the location of your workshop.
Yes, the full family was under sixty dollars. The pricing has changed for the 4Cats workshops and instead of being $100 for four mugs, it’s reduced to two people for $35, and 4 people for $55. Amazing, right? Everyone made a mug.

Plus, I’m pretty sure that my future self is going to be pretty thankful for the multitude of mugs made from tiny hands.

Register for the 4Cats Workshop at and click on the current schedule to find a workshop where you can register for families. If you click on ‘book a workshop’ you’ll find all the current workshop schedules available.

Have fun!

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