Film-Inspired Themed Parties to Have at Your House

With the good weather almost knocking at the door, it is time you start planning the next big gathering with friends and loved ones. People are eager to ditch their puffer jackets and beanies for something lighter and to restart their social lives. Whether you have a garden or an open plan living room to use, parties are a great idea to bring people together and create memories. So, let’s explore four party themes inspired by popular films.

Disco Night with Austin Powers

An Austin Powers-themed night is the perfect opportunity to host the grooviest party anyone has had since the 60s. The best option in terms of decorations is to go to a thrift shop and look for disco balls and lava lamps that you could splash with glow in the dark paint. Slogans and peace signs can be easily printed and hung on the walls, while helium balloons can be found at local stores. And, if you don’t own any colour in your wardrobe, then you should start looking for some psychedelic patterns.

Circus Night with The Greatest Showman

Although it might seem challenging to recreate a vintage circus, there are ways around it that don’t involve booking circus performers. Print or buy cardboard cutouts of elephants, a circus tent and acrobats and place them around your living room or garden. Use balloons and juggling balls as the main elements of decor, as well as vibrant colours for everything else. Last, but not least, make sure all guests join in looking spectacular.

Casino Night with The House

If you have grown tired of the 007-themed parties, then you can give this casino night option a try. Turn your house into a casino with fancy pillows, red velvet, and gold accents. Buying a roulette or a slot machine might be expensive, but you and your guests could always take advantage of the free spins bonuses offered by online casinos. Register an account at a site of your choice and get the party started.

Terror Night with A Nightmare on Elm Street

Probably the least fun party idea on this list, but by far the most interesting. Hosting a horror-themed night could really show you which ones of your friends are the bravest. The design of your home could include anything, from red paint that resembles blood to cardboard cutouts of Freddie Krueger placed randomly around the house. Most importantly, don’t forget about the creepy background music and the infamous glove.

Exquisite Night with Breakfast at Tiffany’s

If you are looking to reproduce the Manhattan life of this timeless film, you need to be ready to throw a truly sophisticated party. Guests should put on their most stylish attire and sparkling jewellery and join you for an evening of exquisite cocktails and delicious cupcakes. Decorate the house with Tiffany-blue ribbons and napkins and a white linen tablecloth for intimacy. Also, don’t forget to get the pearls and diamonds out of the jewellery box for this party.

Whenever you are in doubt about what the next theme of your gathering should be, just pick a film you like and allow it to inspire you. People love films, so your party will always be a hit amongst friends and loved ones – they will probably end up talking about it for years to come.