Finding Childcare on a Weekend Away in Jasper with My Jasper Nanny

Getting out of town for the weekend can be relaxing, or full of adventure. For parents with young children, infants, toddlers and even six-year olds that aren’t up for a morning or afternoon adventure, you’re left with a bit of fomo when it comes to making those weekend plans. 

Not anymore, friends.

My Jasper Nanny lets you plan that weekend trip to the mountains to breathe the soothing mountain air, but also plan in those adventures that make your heart pound just a little bit faster. When you’re travelling with kids, the feeling that comes from experiencing a new adventure, or seeing something for the first time can be difficult to achieve. Having trusted, on-site, and flexible childcare allows you to take a moment during a weekend away, and really allow yourself to enjoy the moment, because your kids are in great hands. 
The first time we used My Jasper Nanny was with a child who wouldn’t allow anyone to hold her, but me. We stayed on-site at the hotel, and took just a couple of hours to enjoy a dinner and post-dinner swim to reconnect. We arrived back at the cabin, as rejuvenated as a two hour mini break from parenting allows, to a sleeping child, in her bassinet. Fed, happy, and asleep. It was a miracle. 

How does My Jasper Nanny work? It’s simple. 

  1. Fill out the child information form that includes the details like the number of children, ages of the children and the approved activities, with the date and time requested. The booking will be confirmed by email, and you can pay the booking fee ($25). 
  2. My Jasper Nanny will confirm the service and match you with the best Nanny for your needs. They’ll take into account the activities, the ages of your children and so much more to make sure that you get the perfect match for your childcare needs. 
  3. On the day of the service, the Nanny will arrive to your hotel or rental, and the Nanny is paid directly. You can choose a this point to tip, if you would like. 
  4. You can enjoy your kid-free adventure, or date night weekend getaway knowing that your children are in great hands! 
How much does it cost? 
As parents who frequently use childcare, we’re aware of how speedy it can be to take advantage of those services. On vacation, these fees can be a tad higher than you would pay at home, but it’s actually quite reasonable using My Jasper Nanny. There’s a booking fee of $23, and hourly rates are determined based on the amount of children. Two children is $15/hour, three children are $17/hour and four children are $19/hour. There’s a $5 an hour surcharge for sitting after midnight, and statutory holidays – something to consider when you’re planning your long weekend adventures! Note: for bookings through Jasper Park Lodge, sitting can be arranged through the Concierge! 

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