Five Cool Places for Kids to Spend Their Allowance in Edmonton

Allowance day comes around here once a week and the kids get their chance to grab the things on their wishlist, and splurge on things that they’ve never tried before – like the incredible chocolate filled marshmallows from Oomomo!

MiniSo | 9940 137 Ave

What’s so popular about Miniso? Well first, kids are going to love the fact that you can get quite a bit for your money at this Japanese style of dollar store. From craft supplies and stickers, to nail polish, toys and stuffed animals – most things in the store are under three bucks. Props to: the crafts and art supplies section.

Johnny B Sweet | 8170 50 Street, NW

Handsdown our favourite place to get treats in the city because of the fact that they’re constantly bringing in new items from across the border, it’s a splurge, so they’re not going to be able to get the best bang for their buck – but they are going to get something sweet!

Gummi Boutique | 10345 82 Ave NW

Wandering Whyte Ave on a Sunday afternoon, Gummi Boutique is one of the places that you’ve got to stop with the kids. It’s nostalgic, like those candy stores you would find in a small town – and a bulk candy section where they can choose their own. This one isn’t our go-to candy store, for selection wise but it is the top choice of the kids for the old school ambience and funky decor – so it made the list.

Mastermind Toys | Multiple Locations

On allowance day, Mastermind Toys is one of the must-go places if you’re in the market for toys, or have saved up to spend. Customer service is always fantasist, c

Oomomo | West Edmonton Mall, Phase II

Another option for a Japenese style of dollar store, most things here are priced at three bucks, with the exception of the beanie-boos in the regular size, which are priced at $5.50. They’ve got a fantastic candy section – and your kids are going to love  the chocolate filled marshmallows.