Five Ways to Improve Your Kids Physical Health in 2020

These days, only one in five children are physically fit and active. Most people don’t know why this ratio is very low? Because today’s children are more indulge in indoor games than outdoor. 

Six to twelve-year-old kids need to perform physical activities to build coordination, strength, and confidence. In the past few years, children were more active in outdoor games, but after these days they prefer to play games on mobiles, laptops, and tablets. Due to this, they use their muscles less, which effect their physical growth. 

These days schools are come forward and helping children to build their personality. They offer games, outdoor activities, and competitions, so students use their body. Children spend almost five hours a day in school and the rest of the time at home. So it is the duty of parents that they help their children to improve their physical health. 

Here in this article, we have gathered some effective and useful tips that will play a significant role in making children physically and mentally fit. 


It is important for your children to eat breakfast to refuel for the busy day. Eating healthy food is a good idea to eat foods which are rich in iron, vitamin B, fibre, and folate. Children who eat breakfast are more likely to take part in physical activities, and also they feel fresh for the whole day. Those who skip breakfast they feel restless, irritable, or tired for the whole day. You can say that breakfast works as a kick to start a child’s body metabolism. 


There are many ways in which today’s generation is different from that of the last generation, but the abrupt difference is the degree to which this generation is being spent indoors. It can be for several reasons, including watching cartoons on television, playing games on mobile and many more. We suggest you take your children to a park near to your home. Let them play in the fresh air and open environment. It not only makes them physically strong but also enhances their mental ability. 


NO doubt technology has made our lives easy, but it also plays a significant role in keeping children more active on mobile phones, laptops, or tablets. They don’t want to go outside because they are addicted to these devices. Sometimes while watching online videos most of the times, inappropriate links pop up on the screen. You can install mspy to protect your children from inappropriate content. 


Socialisation is important for your children. When they work together, they learn more, and it sharpens their creative skills. Encourage your children to make new friends of their age. Teach them how to cooperate, share, and treat other people. 


Our future depends on our children. Unlike the last generation, they don’t climb mountains and never walk in the woods. They don’t understand the reality of nature. So take out your children and let them play in the soil, climb the mountain, discover new things that they don’t know. 

So try these things and do what your parents did: take your children outside and let them explore new things.