Flying With Children: The Ultimate Guide to Less Stressful Travel

Traveling can be super fun. After all, it is the perfect time to bond with your family, explore a new place together, and recharge your batteries. But flying with children could add an extra layer of stress, especially if you are not prepared for what might happen.

Loud and noisy children might annoy some passengers, but trust us, the parents are not having fun either. So if you are planning a family trip at the moment and are experiencing high levels of stress, here are a couple of tips to make travel a lot easier:

Booking the flight

It is not enough to just book a flight. There are many details you have to think about in advance. For instance, the time of the flight is super important. Flying on the red-eye with children is not an enjoyable experience for anyone. Passengers on the overnight flights usually want to get some rest and sleep, but that could be impossible with a child that won’t sit still.

Make sure you use an airline that allows you to pick your seats. Your family should sit together. If that is not available to you, book the flight months before the trip. While sitting in the back of the plane can give you quick access to the bathroom, consider the front row too because of all the extra space. Most airlines will offer you these seats when they see you are traveling with children. Therefore, both options are suitable.

Use a VPN

Before you board the plane, you will probably spend some time waiting at the airport. Using public Wi-Fi might not be the safest option unless you have the proper protection. Open Wi-Fi networks are a cybersecurity threat, especially the ones in airports. But an app like a VPN can keep you safe throughout your travels.

A VPN encrypts the data you send or receive and creates a safe tunnel between you and other users on the same network. Therefore, if anyone attempts to spy on you or steal your financial information, with a VPN, it is impossible. A VPN can come in handy in a foreign country too. If you want to catch up on the latest content from your favorite streaming service, but it is geo-blocked, switch on the VPN.

Smart packing

Having all the essentials for a relaxed flight is an absolute must. But before you start packing your carry-on bag, contact the airline and ask about the baggage weight limit and other regulations. For instance, many airlines understand the needs of the youngest passengers and will allow baby food in larger quantities than usual.

The best solution for this problem is to pack two smaller bags with the essentials. The first bag should contain personal things like your wallet, passports, plane tickets, phone, tablet, medications, etc. The second bag is your emergency bag. It is for children’s supplies only. Baby food, bottles, snacks for older children, and so on should be in it. Remember to keep it close so you can reach in quickly.

Prepare the children for the takeoff

While most adult passengers are not afraid of the roaring sound of the plane, chances are it will be intimidating to your child. Preparing them for the noise is a must, especially if this is their first time flying. Make them interested in the plane itself! Buy them a toy plane before the trip and explain how it works. You can take a closer look at all the sections and parts together. And mention that the big engines make a loud sound.

Then start speaking about it when you get near the plane and allow them to experience it fully. It could be an educational experience for both a parent and a child. And a fun activity you can do together before the flight.

Acknowledging the nearby passengers

Most of us have seen viral posts online about parents who bring tiny gifts for nearby passengers when traveling with babies or small children. But that doesn’t happen super often. While there is no need to do this on short flights, if you are traveling to the other side of the world, it is good to let the other people know there is a small child nearby.

Even though it sounds strange, gifting earplugs to the passengers closest to you is an excellent idea, especially when traveling with a baby. You could also treat them with snacks. Also, include a short note and tell them about the situation.