Fun And Educational Learning Games To Download For Your Kids In 2022

Game-based learning transforms tiresome study time into an exciting information journey with appealing tunes and digital prizes. It keeps children interested in the subject and encourages them to learn more about it.

On top of that, these web-based learning games are simple to include in both online and in-person classrooms. Unfortunately, while we are on the topic, you cannot download any of these games from the Pirate Bay, so you have to turn towards your Play Store or App Store to get access to these games.

With our selection of these educational games, you can get your kids enthused about learning. With exercises designed for preschool through 8th grade, your kids will learn essential abilities in everything from counting to reading comprehension, fractions to basic coding, and much more.

Fun Learning Games To Download For Your Kids

We provide an updated list below with the most up-to-date and greatest fun and educational learning games for children. Many of these games are free, requiring teachers to record and analyze student development.

So, let’s get on with the list of educational games:

1: Blending Sounds Spelling

In this amusing game, your child’s expertise in employing blends in spelling is put to the test by constructing bridges out of words. In Blending Sounds Spelling, your youngster will need to spell a word using letter blocks when they come across each broken bridge. Each phrase is accompanied by a vivid artwork, and as your kid spells, a narrator sounds out each letter, emphasizing letter-sound correlations.

2: Counting Pizza Party

Nothing can beat a pizza party to get the celebration started! Students count the correct number of toppings and attach them to the pizza to meet the customer’s request in this math game. They’ll ring the bell when they’re done, and the toppings will be tallied out loud.

Goofy toppings and entertaining characters make teaching the number system more fun, especially for preschool and kindergarten kids.

3: Dino Crunch

These dinosaurs crave 3D forms, but they require assistance distinguishing between cylinders, spheres, pyramids, cubes, and rectangular prisms.

In addition, players must assist their dinosaurs in identifying the perfect shapes to eat after deciding whether to play solo or against another dinosaur.

Dino Crunch is indeed a fun way to introduce early geometry concepts to kindergarteners.

4: Ski Race

Students will test their comprehension of irregular plural nouns like mice, feet, and geese in this ski racing game. In order to get their ski racer down the mountain first, students must discover the plural noun of each phrase.

Plural nouns, particularly those in an irregular form, are essential to the reading and writing curriculum. The word selection and gameplay are geared for second and third-grade children.

5: Sentence vs. Fragment

Floyd Danger embarks on a quest to obtain the book of complete sentences in this sentence vs. fragment game. Students will categorize whole words, sentence fragments, and run-on sentences to assist him in collecting money and unlocking doors.

This grammatical building block is particularly crucial for fifth graders ready to write more complicated sentences in the next year.

6: Candy Shop Arrays

Candy is delicious! This candy store game will make multiplication a bit more enjoyable. Students in second grades may locate candy jars having the suitable multiplication array by listening to the storyteller.

They’ll do it by counting rows and columns and learning about one-digit multiplication in the process. This arithmetic game, which is also appropriate for third graders, is a fun method for students to master multiplication.

7: Stop The Clock

When the hands on the clock match the time you hear, stop it. Students will practice telling time to the closest five minutes in this wacky clock game.

Children appreciate the fast-paced, humorous gameplay, and its aural and visual signals keep them on track and on time!

This is a very crucial arithmetic skill for pupils in the second grade. All of these things will make learning time more enjoyable for children.

The Bottom Line

Your child will have joy developing vital arithmetic, writing, reading, digital literacy skills, and more with this varied collection of learning games.

Whether your kid is just beginning his educational adventure in preschool or is about to enter fifth grade, these games will help them practice the skills they’ll need to succeed while also making learning a fun experience they’ll want to repeat.


You can also introduce fundamental topics to your younger students in an approachable manner. Finally, if you want to know anything else about these fun educational games, ask us in the comment box below.