Fun Overnight Summer Sleepaway Camp Guide for Edmonton Kids

This will be the first year that our children will be making memories at sleepaway camp. At seven and nine, we’re sending them away for an entire week, to enjoy the camp experience. They’re going to have new experiences, make new friends and have a wonderful, wonderful time.

I’ve got some fantastic sleepaway camp memories. One year, a bunkmate in our rural British Columbia camp collected every giant slug that she could find – these things were thick, green, black and up to six inches long, in a pile of slime in a plastic grocery bag. Disgusting, but it’s something that I’ll never forget. Sleepaway camps in Edmonton give our children the same experiences.

Birch Bay Camp
Location: Sherwood Park
Ages: 8+

Camp Cadicasu
Location: Kananaskis
Ages: 8+

Camp Caroline
Location: Red Deer
Ages: second grade+

Camp Mack
Location: Long Lake
Ages: first grade+

Camp Maskepetoon
Location: Thorsby
Ages: grade 1+

Camp Nakamun
Location: 70 minutes from Edmonton
Ages: 6+

Camp Warwa
Location: 45 minutes from Edmonton
Ages: 6+

Camp Yowochas 
Location: Fallis, AB
Ages: 6+

    4 thoughts on “Fun Overnight Summer Sleepaway Camp Guide for Edmonton Kids

    1. Hi there, we are looki into a camp for our 9yr old this summer. The Birch Bay Camp is pretty close by For us, could you send me more information?
      Thank you

    2. Hi. we are looking for kids overnight summer camp within Alberta better to be closed to calgary.
      we have a plan to invite 20 international kids from south korea aged 10-12 years old.
      they are gona stay for 3 weeks.
      we are thinking to split into a small group , 6-7 children as one group, and take turns in each different camp for three weeks
      we are also looing for froup accomodation place,during weekend when there are no overnight summer camp
      if you have any resources ,please help us to know

    3. Thx for such a gr8 article!
      I have written my own version and may post it here some time.

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