Gambling vs Investing

Investing and gambling involve risking capital in the hope of a future profit. The main difference between the two is ownership. For example, when you buy shares, you become a co-owner of a steadily operating business. That business has property on its balance sheet, makes a profit, and pays some of it to its shareholders in the form of dividends. Gambling has no intrinsic value and cannot generate earnings from year to year.

However, if you are a responsible player and know how to control yourself, then you should pay attention to gambling platforms. Before you choose a resource from the canadian casinos list, get acquainted with the bonus policy and a variety of games offered by Canadian operators. The user must have the information needed to make an informed decision.


Successful investing is not an easy task because it is easy to lose focus of your actions. The urge to accelerate profits is a natural desire. But the more seriously you take your investments, the weightier the knowledge you gain. But it can all quickly turn into a gamble.  

This happens quite often with money in the hands of novice investors. It happens when beginners naively believe promising advertisements for trading, Forex, options speculation, etc. That’s why whenever you’re offered a high yield, it makes sense to refuse it in order not to lose your money in a fit of greed.


As a responsible player, you can play this game of chance in peace with a full understanding of what is going on. Some joyful excitement, and as long as you can afford to lose, all is well. The probability of a player’s victory varies from 49% in blackjack to 30% in slot machines, so players are encouraged to play as long as possible to make the casino’s profits as high as possible. The goal is to maximize winnings, not charity, and the way to earn more is to encourage the player to keep playing the same game indefinitely. The longer you play, the more likely you are to lose.

Key Differences

Investments make you the owner of real “assets”: operating businesses, real estate, etc. Undoubtedly, their value is subject to volatility (i.e. changes in price), but you remain the owner of the acquired capital – despite temporary changes in its value.

The Time Factor

The time factor cannot be ignored and plays a very large role in these two activities. Investment is a game of debt, while Gambling involves making a profit over a short distance. In the second case, you immediately understand whether you have won or not. But in investing, gaining capital can take a long time and it is not always clear what to expect in the future.

Investing in stocks, on the other hand, can be profitable from a time perspective. Dividend-paying companies sell them, which allows you to get a good return on your risk dollars. No matter what happens to your capital, it will pay money.  However, only as long as you hold their stock. Experienced investors understand that dividend income is a key component of long-term earnings.

Investing is based on research, while gambling depends on luck

In gambling, you are almost guaranteed to lose your money – this is what mathematics and statistics adamantly prove. The chances of winning tend to be zero. Of course, every investor who knows how to count money will refuse a game in the casino. Unless he’s a compulsive gambler. Exchange speculation requires round-the-clock attention to numerous details: the behavior of other investors, macroeconomic indicators, and news about the company. You can hire a broker to worry about him in addition to quotes.


Investing and gambling involve risk. Many people are attracted by the possibility of giving away only a few hundred dollars and getting tens of millions. The risk ratio to possible winning is certainly attractive, although the chance of winning is negligible. So, what should you do: invest or gamble to win? A lot depends on what you want to spend your money on. If you’re thinking about retirement or putting your child through college, then investing is the way to go. But if the money is meant for fun, the risks are justified.