Buying a Gaming Laptop for Back to School

Picking a gaming laptop can be extremely difficult given the plethora of choices available in the market, but the decision gets even tougher especially when you are using the same laptop for school. Gaming requires a good graphic card, high storage space as well as a relatively good sound system, while a laptop for school requires enough space to download the never-ending applications to complement your education; not forgetting one that is relatively lightweight. However, it is not impossible to merge education and gaming into a single portable device and find the best laptop for gaming and school. This is how you can achieve both needs.

Gaming essentials

When you choose a gaming laptop for online games or for instant withdrawal casinos to play, there are many must-haves equipped in it in order to grant you a pleasant and satisfying overall game experience. Firstly, a powerful video card is necessary along with high video RAM to support the high demand from your games. On top of that, it also has to have a good processor with fast RAM and storage space, in which a high capacity SSD is recommended. You would also want one with a fast refresh rate, and a good display of high resolution in order to make your gaming experience smooth and immersive. Additionally, a keyboard to withstand all the heavy hard-pressings is also key, with programmed LED effects that will light them up. Because of all these gaming essentials that any gamer should have, gaming laptops are typically pricier than normal laptops.

School essentials

On the other hand, laptops used for school work and educational purposes also have a host of essentials to facilitate learning. With a decent processor and display needed to run productivity software like Microsoft Office and Excel, your laptop has to have a decent battery life to go through hours of note-taking during lectures without having to lug your charger everywhere you go. Furthermore, you should also choose one that has a decent memory space, of at least 16GB in order for you to save your work and projects without having to constantly clear your library. On top of that, one of the more pressing needs would be a laptop that is compact and light, so you can avoid days on end of backaches from the heavy device that you are lugging around. Due to a student’s lack of financial stability, one that is budget-friendly is also important.

The past

The different sets of essentials that both tasks required may make it impossible to purchase a single device for both uses in the past. A gaming laptop was often large and bulky and unsuitable for it to be carried around in school all day, while the powerful constant running of the graphics card, CPU, and display often proved that the battery life would only last a couple of hours at most. However, with advancements in technology in recent years, the new CPUs and GPUs are now made even smaller and more compact, but yet promises increased effectiveness and efficiency, making a two-in-one laptop possible and a dream come true.

Recent models

There are now plenty of models out there that can satisfy the demands of both gaming and schoolwork — one that is high-powered enough to run games on and can simultaneously double up as a laptop for school. With the modest number of choices in the market, you can easily find one with a decent display and graphics card, a relatively good amount of storage space, weighs below 2kg. Furthermore, there are also some that are equipped with a magnesium alloy outer case that guarantees durability from the high frequencies of vibration, drops, and pressure. What’s more is that they usually have a moderate battery life, allowing up to about 5 or 6 hours of screentime on a full charge. One thing to look out for is the presence of a UCS-C port attached to the laptop, to ensure that thumb drives, hard discs, and a portable charger can be fitted in and linked to the laptop for projects, extra storage space and an additional source of battery. Unslider is a really great place to find about recent laptop models.

The compromise

Though it is possible to both game and do school work on the same device, there are some compromises to be made. 

On the gaming side, a relatively cheaper option may not come with the best resolution and sound system, which may reduce the overall gaming experience. The long hours of game time on a thin case laptop may also heat up the laptop easily, causing the laptop fan to constantly be activated, something that mere essay typings would not. Furthermore, the normal keyboards on the laptop may wear and tear faster, since the laptop is used for different purposes.

On the other hand, even the lightest gaming laptop will definitely be heavier and bulkier than a typical everyday notebook, and hence you should be prepared to take on the additional weight that your gaming hobby entitles you to. Furthermore, the battery life will definitely be another issue for gaming laptops, so it is best to either have your physical charger or portable charger with you 24/7, in cases where there are no open sockets around.

In a nutshell, while having a device for both your gaming and school needs is now highly possible, the model and functionality of your potential laptop depending on your needs, and it varies from person to person. If your education is highly reliant on laptops, it is best to prioritize the lightweight aspect over everything else, especially over your gaming needs. But this would mean lower quality display and a slower RAM in order to keep to the weight that you need. On the other hand, if the course that you are taking does not require much screen time on your laptop and instead is more hands-on in laboratories, then you may want to invest in a better gaming laptop to grant you an immersive overall game experience, with better graphics, a powerful processor and a built-in high-quality sound system. Regardless of what your needs may be, it is important to do enough research to find the perfect laptop for you. You would not want to make an impulsive buy only to realize that it does not have the capabilities to download the basic software that you need in class.