Get $1 Ice Cream Soft Serve Cones All Summer Long at McDonald’s

Grab the kids and head to McDonalds the next time you’re searching for a sweet treat, on the cheap. You’ll find $1 regular soft serve cones all summer long.

You can grab cheap cones all summer long, until September 2. That’s three months of soft serve ice cream, easily purchased through the drive through and jazzed up with a small container of sprinkles that you can keep in your vehicle for those soft serve cones.

Don’t skip the new chocolate waffle cone. It’s $2, but it’s a delicious addition to the soft serve – and your kids (and you) are going to love it.

Tip: Grab a small container and head to the bulk barn for a small bag of sprinkles that can get you through the whole summer. It’s one of those cheap and easy ways to create a bit of magic in a dollar cone!

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