Going To Watch Hamilton In Edmonton Soon? Here Are Some Nifty Details You Should Know First

Hamilton is a musical treat. The storytelling is superb, the actors are amazing, and their singing and vocals outstanding. Hamilton tells the life story of Alexander Hamilton, one of the Founding Fathers of America. The sorry takes the audience on a journey from his life as an improvised immigrant to the War Of Independence. Historically accurate and acutely entertaining, it is a much see production. Lin-Manuel Miranda produces and takes on the starring role in his next stint on the stage done similarly to his last production. If you plan on watching Hamilton soon there are some gems you should know beforehand. 

Nifty Details You Should Know

The cast did such a wonderful job with this show that the reviews stay pouring in. It’s a show that you want to see live so you can catch all the action up close. You should definitely go watch the Hamilton musical in Edmonton if you live in the area. It’s worth the ticket price. There are some nerdy details you should know before you watch the show that will make your experience even better.

Hamilton Was Inspired By Alexander Hamilton’s Biography Written By Ron Chernow

Miranda went on vacation after winning four Tony awards in 2008 with his show In The Heights he picked up the biography by Ron Chernow and the rest is history. It made such an impression on Miranda that he went on to write a book, the script for the play, and the music. The story of how Alexander Hamilton’s writing of a poem got him out of St. Croix after a hurricane destroys the island touches Miranda and makes him think of the similarities between hip-hop and Hamilton’s circumstances. Both of them use writing to change the course of a life. After finding that no other production had been done like what he had in mind, Miranda took on the task of making it happen. 

Hamilton’s First Song Took A Year To Be Written

Hamilton’s first song, Alexander Hamilton, took Miranda a year to write. After completing it he performed the song at the White House in 2009. This is where former President Barack Obama’s love for the musical started. In essence, Hamilton got its start at the white house. The second song followed in the same vein, taking another year to write. As a side note, the show started off as a mixtape and not, theater production.

Hamilton’s Main Roles Were Played By People Of Color

The casting of Hamilton was deliberate. It was done to represent the diversity within America. This is something Canadian audiences can connect with as is the case with Canada in today’s present day. All of the main roles are played by people of color except for King George. This truly speaks to the nation that America is and how it developed as a nation. 

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton original debuted in July 2015 and has since gone on to have a movie version on Disney+ titled Hamilton: An American musical. To say that it hasn’t struck a chord within the musical community would be a gross understatement. Hamilton is this amazing hip-hop blended musical that has somehow made its home and a name for itself on Broadway’s stage. You can find the updated Off Broadway play schedules here.