Guide to Bringing Kids to Kinsmen Pitch & Putt

There’s a hidden gem behind one of the places that you’ve visited time and time again. Nestled in behind the Queen Elizabeth outdoor pool and Grizzly Bear Playground, is the pitch and putt golf course.

It’s a smaller scale golf course, where holes aren’t over 100m and you only need two clubs to complete the course. It’s one of those places that’s perfect for introducing your kids to the game of golf. You can enjoy the laid-back atmosphere, reduced costs and can even borrow clubs to play the game.

Bringing the kids to Kinsmen Pitch & Putt

  • The costs are reasonable, as little as $12 for nine holes for youth and $16 for adults. For parents taking children for the first time, and for parents taking younger children – don’t attempt more than nine holes the first time around. This way, you can gauge how interested your kids are in completing the course.
  • How long will nine holes take to complete? With kids, it can take upwards of ninety minutes. It’s a short enough time that the kids are going to maintain interest, but also that you’ll get in a few swings too.
  • The attraction is first come, first serve. We arrived at the same time as another couple, and were given the option to start on a different hole or simply wait a few minutes, so it didn’t feel like we were causing them to rush.
  • There are clubs to borrow, for both adults and children. There is an additional cost incurred with this, so if you have your own – bring them, to save a few dollars on the evening out.
  • The pitch and putt is in close proximity to the outdoor pool (Queen Elizabeth) – so you could play a round with the kids and then cool off in the outdoor pool. This is what we did, and it made for a really fun family evening out!
  • You can bring your own snacks or lunch, there are picnic tables near the clubhouse where you register and rent clubs, before you begin. There are cool treats, drinks and snacks that can be purchased at the clubhouse – so skip bringing the kids in with you to register if you want to skip the temptation!

Where can you find Kinsmen Pitch & Putt? The Pitch & Putt is located on the back side of the building indicate the Kinsmen Sport Centre, with multiple signs to help guide you. For navigation, the address can be found at 9100 Walterdale Hill.

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