Half off of Games at The Rec Room West Edmonton Mall Sunday to Wednesday

As the weather starts to transition, we inevitably transition to more forms of indoor entertainment for families and kids. The downside to transitioning to indoor entertainment is the fact that entertaining the kids can add up quickly.

Finding less expensive ways to experience those fun activities in Edmonton, like The Rec Room, can helpmate it easier for families to get out and play together.

Half off of Games at the Rec Room

Get half off of games at The Rec Room, West Edmonton Mall location, Sunday to Wednesday, 11 am to close. This is valid on redemption games – or the games where you’re earning points to redeem for those fun little trinkets, candy or games in the store.

There is no additional effort required to get half off of games, you’ll see the message when you swipe your wristband to play. Games that are regularly 8 credits, can be played for 4 credits, for example, while giving you the same opportunity to win credits that can be redeemed for prizes in the store.

Tip // Save your wristbands, or bring it with you. If you don’t have a wristband, it’s $2 added cost (which can add up if you’re buying bracelets for the whole family). If you’re going to visit The Rec Room on a regular basis, consider getting the premium bands, as they’re not only more comfortable and less likely to fall off of your child’s wrist – getting lost, but they’re also more comfortable for you. Those come at a one-time cost of $5.

How much should you plan to spend while you’re there? A $20 game tag is usually enough to last our kids at least ninety minutes while we’re there. Games like the photo booth, claw machines and climbing wall, will eat up those credits quickly, something to consider when you’re choosing the games together.

$10.00 | 40 credits
$15.00 | 80 credits (60 credits + 20 free credits)
$20.00 | 120 credits (80 credits + 40 free credits)
$25.00 | 160 credits (100 credits + 60 free credits)
$30.00 | 200 credits (120 credits + 80 free credits)

Click here to visit The Rec Room to learn more about this offer