Home Whitening vs. Professional Whitening: Which Is Better for Your Teeth?

One of the things that could drastically improve one’s smile is having snow-white teeth. Teeth whitening is a safe and effective cosmetic procedure that has become very popular amongst those looking to get a bright and sparkling smile. Teeth whiteners contain bleaching chemicals, hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, which penetrate the enamel and break up and dissolve the discolored stains making them appear lighter. 

Whiter teeth can give anyone a huge boost in confidence, be it at their workplace or a social setting. For anyone willing to go through the process of teeth whitening, they have the option of either visiting a dental office to get the task done professionally or do it by themselves using teeth whitening kits at home. So how do these two approaches compare against each other? Is one more effective than the other? Let’s find out.

At-Home Teeth Whitening

The biggest advantage for many choosing to whiten their teeth at home is convenience. As seen on this website, you can do it at your own time and as per your own terms, without having to book a dental appointment and waiting a long time to see a dentist. Some common at-home teeth whitening treatments usually include whitening trays and whitening strips, which are believed by many to be a more cost-friendly and effective option to make your teeth shine out all over again.

Whitening trays are just like mouthguards and come with the bleaching agent, hydrogen peroxide, and are to be usually worn for a couple of hours for a period of around a week. Whitening strips, in contrast, come coated with peroxide to lighten tooth discoloration and are to be applied to the teeth for half an hour or so. However, they are less effective than whitening trays due to a lower concentration of the bleaching gel and take a longer time to achieve any desirable results.

While peroxide is generally very safe to use, the use of these kits can also result in some common unintended side effects such as increased teeth sensitivity and at worst, damaged gums or the tooth structure. That makes it important for you to consult a dentist before using any of these methods as they can better assess the health of your teeth and gums and advise whether it is ok for you to go ahead with the process, and which method is safest to adopt. 

While there is an abundance of teeth whitening products available out there promising immediate and magical results and are certainly a cheap alternative, choosing to whiten your teeth at home sometimes does not offer the same results which you would otherwise get by getting the job done in a dental office. At-home whitening solutions are usually less effective and take much longer to achieve the desired results due to a milder concentration of bleaching gels. Therefore, do not expect a huge turnaround in the degree to which your teeth turn white if you choose to DIY (Do It Yourself) using at-home whitening solutions.

If you do decide to opt for whitening your teeth at home, then you may want to check out reliable reviews for a more potent whitening kit than the one available at your nearest drug store.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening in stark contrast is generally more superior to any of the over the counter whitening solutions. Performed in the office by trained dentists, it is undeniably more effective due to the use of a higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide which works more effectively to penetrate the enamel of your teeth and break up the discolored stains. The process can be safely performed under the supervision of professional dentists without compromising your oral health. 

Professional whitening treatment also works much faster while also reducing the risks of any serious tooth sensitivity or gum irritation, and some dental offices may offer their patients the added option of getting laser teeth whitening treatment to further expedite the effect of bleaching agents and get even quicker results. Consequently, the results are immediately evident making you walk out of the dental office with a brighter smile after just one session. 

While professional dental services are undoubtedly more expensive and seem less convenient than DIY whitening treatments, they are much more potent and efficient by giving you long-lasting results in just a short time.

Professional teeth whitening services and at-home treatments both have their pros and cons. With that said, no matter what teeth whitening method you decide you go for, you must take care of your dental health by maintaining oral hygiene at all times to preserve your results for a longer time.