How Do They Make Sealed Glass On Windows?

Looking at windows might seem like a work of art. The way they allow natural light to flow into your home while keeping the cold air, rain, and snow out is an advancement in technology that has continued over the years. Window installation in North York can be an effective way to have your energy bills lowered from month to month, and if that’s your focus, you’ll want to get windows that have two or three panes.

With insulated windows, you’re getting windows that have more than just a single pane of glass. Between the panes of glass, there is a gas that is inserted in order to prevent the outdoor temperature from getting into your home. With three panes of glass, cool air will have a very difficult time getting through all of those panes, and that will result in better energy efficiency from month to month.

If you’re currently considering window installation in North York, you’ll want to keep reading so that you’re a little more educated on what type of windows to get.

Types of Sealed Glass For Your Windows

There are a couple of different types of insulated glass available to choose from.


Sometimes air is used as an insulator because it’s budget-friendly, making it good for use in commercial buildings that require a ton of windows at a time. The major drawback to air-filled glass is that it doesn’t keep a building insulated to the same degree as a gas like argon or krypton.


Both argon and krypton are gases that are inserted between window panes in order to keep your home insulated against outdoor temperatures. These gases don’t smell and don’t have a color to them. With new home construction, gas-filled windows are the ones that are the most common. Krypton has better insulating properties than argon, but it’s more difficult to get, and that’s why argon is more widely used in windows.

Low-E Coating

No one wants to be dealing with skyrocketing energy bills from month to month, and with insulated windows, both your wallet and your home will enjoy the benefits. When you’re selecting your windows, another thing to consider is Low-E coating. When it’s sunny outside, the rays from the sun can flow into your home and cause damage and fading to your floors and furniture. 

Insulated glass won’t keep your floors and furniture protected enough from the UV rays of the sun. That’s why you’ll want to consider getting windows with Low-E coating. Low-E stands for low emissivity, and it uses very tiny layers of metal oxides that will prevent UV rays from getting through to your home. When windows are being manufactured, you can request to get this coating on your windows.

What Should I Know About Insulated Glass?

There are a couple of things you need to know about insulated glass.


Glass panes can be tinted, laminated, or just clear. Many people with specific visions for their windows like to get a little decorative with their windows, and they can customize them to look however they like.


Glass panes will be installed on a spacer, and this process prevents moisture and condensation from getting into your home.


Filling refers to the area between each of your window panes. The space is usually filled with gas, but if you’re on a budget, it can also be filled with air.

Window Seal

The seal on your window is what will provide the barrier between you and the outdoor elements. It will keep moisture out, and if you have windows where the seal is compromised, you’ll potentially have to get your windows replaced.

Manufacturing Windows

The process by which windows are manufactured might seem a little complicated if you’ve never spent the time to look it up before. The space is created and filled with a desiccant. Small perforations on the spacer allow the desiccant to flow through to the gap between both the glass panes. 

Desiccants can’t move about since the openings are too tiny. The glass will be prepared at the same time. Utilizing a machine, the window spacers are then curved or bent to the proper size. They are properly proportioned since this determines how well the insulated glass will seal. The first layer of sealant is then applied to the window spacer. On the window spacer, the panes of glass are placed one by one.

They are then put in a vacuum chamber, where they are packed with insulating glass. Window spacer, glass, and main sealant are then pushed together by the vacuum. This locks in the filler within. On the insulated glass, a final silicone seal is placed to reinforce everything.

Should I Spend More For Insulated Windows?

Many people that are considering replacing their windows ask if they should be spending more money to get more panes. Windows with two panes cost about 6 times more than windows with only one pane, but the difference in price between a window with two panes and a window with three panes is about 15%.

With triple-pane windows:

  • Your energy bills will be lower each month
  • You won’t hear the outdoor noise as much
  • Your glass will be much more durable
  • Your windows will last longer

If you’re interested in replacing your windows, consider contacting HTR Windows and Doors. No one wants to be attempting to replace their windows on their own if they’ve never done so before. Getting HTR Windows and Doors to install your windows will ensure you’ll reap the benefits of everything that new windows have to offer.