How to Add More Games to the SNES Classic

Play your preferred 16 and more bit titles on Nintendo’s retro console.

When Nintendo re-released its aiconic Super Nintendo Entertainment System, lots of classic gamers were thrilled to learn about it. They were keen to abandon the Super NES Classic Edition to re-enjoy the rich palette feeling of nostalgia and reuniting with beloved characters. However, the gaming community was disappointed because the video game console only had a restricted number of games. Fortunately, though, you can upload more titles to your chosen games collection through your PC.

Points to Note

  • Install Hakchi on your computer, connect your console to your PC, add game ROMs, and lastly flash the custom kernel.
  • Reconnect the console to the PC to add more games in the future and then choose Synchronize selected games with NES/SNES Mini.
  • SNES ROMs normally has the extension. SMC, however you can upload the whole compressed folder having the SMC file. 

In this article, we explain how you can add games to the SNES Classic using a Windows PC. You will require your personal SNES games in the read-only memory also known as ROM file format. Head over to abandonware website to get ROMs with defunct games and access emulation software where you can be able to emulate classic old games and play them on your new system. Visit our dedicated website snes roms to add additional titles to the collection of your favorite games. The provided website has SNES ROMS and numerous ROMS for you to play on different vintage consoles. The site enables you to download as many game ROMs as you want.

How to Add More Games to Your SNES Classic

After getting your preferred games, the next stage is setting up the necessary software. You can similarly use Hakchi to upload games to the NES Classic Edition following these same guidelines.

  1. Connect your SNES Classic to your PC through a USB cable. Ensure that you turn off the console, the HDMI cable should be left connected to your TV, possibly for you to follow your progress.

Tip: if your PC fails to automatically identify your SNES Classic, use another cable other than the one that came with the console.

  1. Go to GitHub to get the latest version of Hakchi. Download the ZIP file and upload its contents to your PC.
  2. Open hakchi.exe (the icon resembles a NES controller). If it prompts you to download extra files and restart your PC, open hakchi.exe again after restarting.
  3. Choose SNES (USA/Europe)
  4. Choose the option that prompts you to add more games and select the ROMs you would like to upload to your SNES Classic. You can upload. SMC file or ZIP folders having them.
  5. Choose the games you uploaded to add box art under the Custom Games List. To directly import images from Google, select Google.
  6. In the Hakchi 2 window, choose Kernel>Install Repair, thereafter, select Yes when prompted to flash the custom kernel.
  7. Follow the guidelines on the screen. You will be asked to set up the required drivers in case they were not automatically installed.
  8. Once done, choose Synchronize selected games with NES/SNES mini. You will be prompted to confirm you have already flashed the custom kernel.
  9. After the game files are completely uploaded, turn off the SNES Classic, then disconnect it from your PC.
  10. Connect the SNES Classic power source, your console should be turned on. The new games should be displayed in a folder with the title “New Games” on the list beside the preloaded titles.
  11. If you want to upload additional games in the future, reconnect the console to your computer and choose Synchronize selected games with NES/SNES Mini. You do not have to constantly flash the custom kernel.

Finding ROMS for the SNES Classic

Emulators and ROMs have always been used by gamers to play their preferred retro titles for years, however, the legitimacy of such practices is uncertain. That said, you can simply access ROMs for most of the SNES library online. The SNES Classic contains around 200MB of internal storage space, which can sufficiently house a number of ROMs. In fact, box art usually consumes a lot more room than games, hence, if you need to add more titles, simply ignore the box art.

NOTE: ROM is not a file extension, but a type of file. SNES ROMs usually contain the extensions. SMC. However, if you have a ZIP file with a ROM, you can simply upload the entire compressed folder to your console. Hakchi enables you to add ROMs for different consoles to the SNES Classic, however, the games will not run. Some SNES games released entirely in Japan will similarly not run.