How to Choose the Right Basketball Hoop

Playing basketball is an excellent choice because it’s a very addictive and competitive game. However, people have temporarily stopped practicing this sport, nowadays, because of the global Covid-19 pandemic that has forced people to stay at home and practice social distancing. This has stopped many people from heading to the nearest gym or ball court to shoot some hoops.

As limiting as pandemic restrictions are, they have pushed people to think of alternative ways to practice and play their favorite sport. The best and safest option is to get a basketball hoop installed at home. You have several factors to consider when choosing the right and optimal one for playing at home. Read on and follow our guide before you decide which basketball hoop you need.

Your Budget and Accessories

One of the main contributing factors to your decision is your budget. Each type of hoop will cost differently and you can’t forget about the extra accessories that come with it. You need to consider whether you want tempered glass, acrylic, or polycarbonate material for your backboard. The material used can impact the performance of the hoop because tempered glass gives you excellent bounce and spin that you would want when you play.

However, it’s quite expensive compared to polycarbonate and acrylic backboards. They are much cheaper but offer a lower level of performance. You will notice the difference in the bouncing spin of your ball with those types of material. Further, will you need LED features on the backboard for playing at night? This will cost you extra. Moreover, you need to consider accessories like the goal’s ball return item, ball netting to prevent the ball from going too far, and safety pads for the entire hoop. These factors will influence your decisions significantly because of the cost of all these accessories.

The Types of Hoops

You have three types of hoops to go for based on your needs. You have in-ground hoops, portable hoops, and wall-mounted hoops. They are explained in detail below:

  • Wall-Mounted Hoops: This type comes with a backboard and a rim only and they need to be properly fastened and installed on a structure or a wall to be mounted properly. Advice from the basketball hoop manufacturers from suggest that mounted hoops give you durability and they are a convenient option if you have limited space at home. You can install them in several places but you just need to consider your surroundings before installation.
  • In-Ground Hoops: This choice is fastened to the ground with cement. This means that they are a permanent addition to your home. They are very stable and come with adjustable height settings to make it more convenient for any type of player based on their skill level, height, and size.
  • Portable Hoops: This is the standalone type that can be moved with the wheels on the bottom part of the unit. This mobility allows you to play anywhere depending on the space you have at home. They have a base that is weighted down for more stability and they have adjustable height settings too. It’s a great choice for players of different ages and skill levels.

After understanding each type, you need to decide which one fits your home and meets your requirements. 


You need to think about the best location at home for installing your new basketball hoop. Remember to check with your town administrator first if you want to install it on the sidewalk near the street. This is still considered part of the public space and there might be rules that prohibit the installation in these areas for safety reasons. Try to stick with your property grounds instead to save yourself the hassle. Make sure that it’s a flat paved area. Some people prefer the driveway as a good option for installing it. You can choose the backyard against your home’s wall or you could install it above your garage door. 

When you’re looking to move your game and talents from the public ball courts to your home, owning a basketball hoop can help you do just that. You just need to work on finding the right fit for your home and needs. That said, you need a convenient hoop that works well with your height and skill level. 

You have three types of hoops available to you and each one gives you special advantages. The key is to find the most convenient one that offers you the most advantages at home. Playing basketball doesn’t have to be complicated and you don’t need to go to the nearest ball court anymore. You can play safely in the comfort of your own home whenever you like.