How to Cope if Your Baby Won’t Take a Bottle

When it comes to kids refusing bottles, we’re three for three. This time around, we were hopeful. We had a baby that not only took the occasional bottle, meaning that we had our very first date night when she was but two-weeks old, but she also took a soother – making it a little easier to get back out and about, exploring the city, head out of town for the weekend, and even bring her along on a ten day trip to Europe.

Until one day, when she stopped. She flat out refused to take a bottle, flat out refused to suck on soothers, and date night just got a lot harder.

How can you cope with a baby who won’t take a bottle?

Try A Different Design
Not all bottles are designed equally, and it turns out, your baby just might develop a preference for a type that you haven’t tried yet. Trying a bottle like the Philips Avent Natural bottle with a natural latch-on, due to the wide breast shaped nipple, might just do the trick. You don’t need to worry about buying bottles and using them once, only to have them sit in that cupboard because the bottles are compatible with other bottle and cup ranges.

Try a Cup 
The first time Stella refused to take a bottle, we were about forty-minutes away and couldn’t get there for about an hour, as we had to finish up an event we were attending. Our sitter didn’t have another bottle on hand to try, so she actually opened up the bottle and let Stella sip the milk inside, like a traditional cup. (You’ll appreciate the wide opening on the Philips Avent Natural bottles, if you’re in this situation).

If you’re like me, you likely consulted your close friends to first ask what types of bottles they’ve tried, asked in your local Moms community and searched through reviews online. Philips Avent Natural Bottles have won the Parent Tested Parent Approved Seal of Approval (PTPA), meaning that parents just like you have tried them (and loved them).

Be Persistent 
For our first child who wouldn’t take a bottle, I actually had to leave the house for Jamie to be successful in convincing her to take it – she wasn’t convinced when I was around, as she could nurse – and she knew it. Keep trying, and have other people try, be persistent.

Be Patient
Those tiny little mouths haven’t exactly forgotten how to use a bottle, and drink from it – they’re just refusing. It’s likely just a phase, and we have to remember to be patient. Whether we continue to try new bottles, or maybe feeding without distractions around when bottles are being used – it might take a bit of time to find a solution.

After a couple of weeks, and a few bottles, with more than a few attempts, we’re back on track with bottles and can rest assured that Stella will be content (and fed) when we leave her with our trusted sitters.

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Disclosure: I am part of the PTPA Brand Ambassador Program with Philips Avent and I received Compensation as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own. 

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