How To Get High-Speed Internet In Rural Communities 

Bill Gates did not mince words when he said that, the internet is fast becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow. True to his word, the internet has become a focal point for cultures, communities, and a wealth of individuals to convene. What we will love to call a meet-cute. One that promises to make memorable every encounter it has with its users.

The internet is here to stay and its fruits outweigh the weeds that tend to malign it. These fruits have communities pitching their baskets for more, be it urban or rural, everyone has found relevance and this relevance is like one’s parched thirst, you can not get enough. 

Unfortunately, the rural communities are at a disadvantage by how much internet they can access. This can be blamed on urbanization and the tilt towards urban communities. It is no news that companies, industries, and businesses alike will pick urban areas to thrive in any day, than their rural counterparts. Resulting from this reality is the migration of people to areas where these outfits are located. 

This is due to the job opportunities they herald. With that being said, telecommunication companies and experts have their services in high demand in these areas – The Urban Areas. Therefore, making the rural areas, unfortunately, lacking in quality internet services. 

The reality of this can get dampening, but we will rather focus on how this problem can be solved, instead of crying over spilled milk. So how then can we improve the quality of internet services in rural communities? 

How can we increase its speed to serve the number of people relying on it to grow their businesses or render services in the rural communities regardless of industrialization or not?

Fiber Construction

Geographical location as a factor to improved internet performance can be solved if Fiber Construction can be invested in. In 2009, Broadband Technologies Opportunities Program came and invested 4 billion dollars in 233 nationwide projects. 

They developed fiber lines in these areas and in Dakota’s hills, the benefits of quality broadband with regards to speed were experienced in every home, rural and urban alike. This earned the state the best internet access award. Although expensive for most individuals to invest in, bodies like the FCC can fund this development. If this can be done, then rural communities will attain sporadic growth economically that will rub off on the nation at large. 

Change The Orientation Of Your Satellite

The previous point highlighted the investment in fiber lines,  but that’s on a large scale. Until things of that magnitude are done, how do we still survive amidst slow internet access? Now we look at things on a smaller scale. In most homes, satellites are owned and one way to increase internet speed is by changing the position of your satellite dish. The people behind suggest positioning it towards the southern sky for better reception to receive unlimited wireless internet from towers. Check your dish timely to be sure nothing is in its way or obstructing free reception of the internet. By this, be sure to experience better internet speed. 

Router Upgrade

The use of a router in most homes and offices is to aid internet speed and accommodate multiple users. Contrary to its aim, people in rural communities still experience slow internet access. These routers are wireless hardware devices that distribute internet signals throughout a shared space. 

To increase internet speed, one will need to upgrade one’s router from an old one to a newer one that can provide the broadband speed you need. Some  Reuters may need some minor twitches here and there, not necessarily a total change. Or a high-speed antenna can be purchased to enhance broadband quality. 


With partnership comes enhanced growth and commensurable results. If individuals can come together to organize fundraising to be used to get the necessary materials needed to enhance the internet reception in rural areas, this will go a long way in the provision of these materials.  

In cases where this is impossible then the bodies in charge of regulating network providers and communications through a state or country should be able to provide its people with the needed infrastructure to make internet speed what it should be. 

Upgrade To 5G

Upgrading to 5G automatically increases your broadband speed. Once this is available, it is important to switch to this, this promises to give the best data experience we have ever enjoyed. Do look out for this. 

Living in rural areas does come with its perks, slow internet just happens to be a downside which as we have proffered from the above is workable. We hope the above pointers do help in your quest to be more productive through the use of the internet.