How to Get Out of the House with Baby in Edmonton (and What to do)

Let’s face it – parents know just how much effort it is to get out of the house. You’ve got to get yourself ready, you’ve got to get the baby ready – and there’s likely going to be something (like a hungry baby) that throws a wrench in your timeline. Getting out of the house though – it’s a must – and though it comes with what feels like too much effort it’s going to make you feel like you’ve got this.

Things to do with Babies in Edmonton

Stars and Strollers | Get out of the house and see your favourite movies with baby in tow. Stars and Strollers gives you a chance to watch a movie with a change table in the theater, an environment that’s a little bit quieter and a little bit brighter, and a place filled with other moms, just like you with babies and toddlers.

Parent Link Drop-in | Parent Link, Family Futures (there are two different names, depending on where you are) offer drop in programs for new mothers, babies and toddlers. From finding a cool indoor space to play, or dropping into a class where you can sign up for sensory play, these programs are a fantastic resource and place to meet new moms.

Crawl and Play | For infants that are starting to crawl around, you can check out some of the awesome indoor playgrounds like Millennium Place, or City of Edmonton facilities, where kids are free under the age of two. Find your favourite new indoor playground in our indoor playground guide (most are free for children under 2).

Swim for Free | On weekday mornings, parents and babies can swim for free at Kinsmen Pool in Sherwood Park. There’s a fantastic, shallow, saltwater, area for Moms and Babies to play in, and the price tag is very maternity-leave friendly.

Stop by the Library | The Library has so many fantastic programs that we’ve been taking advantage of since the birth of our first child. The sing and sign program is the first one we attended, learning a few baby signs while singing and learning new songs with our daughter, and there’s a great program designed for dads+babies, too.

Get Outside! | Hike it Baby Edmonton brings together moms and babies (and young children) that want to get outside and explore the trails in the city, and beyond. It’s a supportive community of Moms that want to raise kids that have a connection with the outdoors, and the chance to connect with other Moms on the trail. You don’t need to be a hiking expert, you’ve just got to want to get outside – and it’s free!

Coordinate Online | There are some fantastic geographic and neighbourhood based Moms groups in Edmonton, on Facebook where you can meet friends, with infants of similar ages, ask questions and make plans to get out of the house. Many of these groups have arranged play dates, to get out and meet new people.

Sea Life Caverns | One of our favourite hidden gems, and nearly empty during the weekdays, we loved spending time here, with baby. A small space, there’s a touch tank, and baby can get a close up look of the aquarium, and older siblings will enjoy the outing too. Ages 2 and under are free, making it budget friendly, for an indoor outing.

What are some of your favourite ways to get out of the house with baby, in Edmonton?

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