How To Help A Loved One Deal With Aging

Sleep Disorder Treatment 

The vast majority of senior citizens who love alone deal with sleep issues which can aggravate depression. In order to prevent serious bouts of depression, it is essential that an older adult maintains a regular sleep schedule and does not take part in afternoon naps. 

If an individual suffers from a sleep disorder or sundowning, it is best to use some form of medication or engaging activities available. 

A Valuable Sense Of Purpose 

Individuals struggle with depression on a much more difficult level when they feel as though they have lost their purpose in life. 

In order to keep loneliness at a far distance, it is wise for seniors to take up a number of hobbies. You may even encourage them to try and partake in social activities such as yoga, cards, or a form of volunteer work. 

Encouragement Of Social Interaction 

You never want a loved one to have to deal with feelings of depression on their own, ensure that they are visiting friends and family and take part in a wide range of community events. If mobility is a problem visit for mobility solutions.

Many studies have shown that individuals who have an active social life tend to enjoy a healthier and happier life, which is why this is vital for those who may be struggling with depression and loneliness. 

The Importance Of Physical Activity 

Studies have shown that physical activity is essential for older individuals. Gentle exercises such as climbing stairs, walking, as well as age-appropriate workouts allow seniors to stay in top emotional, physical, and mental shape. 

It would actually be in their best interest to sign up for a yoga or exercise class in an effort to help cope and deal with bouts of depression. 

Healthy Diets 

Dealing with an individual with depression can become easier if you understand the best foods to serve them. 

Foods that are rich in fibers such as fruits and vegetables are essential for seniors as well as lean proteins and whole grains. Vegetables should be lightly cooked and there should be minimal unhealthy fats, starches, and sugars in the diet. 

Chores Are Healthy 

It is very possible for seniors to get stuck in a perpetual mood of negativity. It is wonderful if you have a meaningful responsibility you could entrust in them. 

For many seniors this could be a pet such as a cat or dog, that is going to make them feel loved as well as needed. Additionally, the responsibility and physical activity is a wonderful addition to the life of a senior. 

It is also possible that something as simple as a plant can become an incredible mood-booster for the individual who is seeking something to care for and be responsible for. 

Show Them Love 

There is no question that love is the strongest and most powerful emotion and it is essential to help recover a senior suffering from emotion. You simply want to show and tell a senior that they are loved and wanted, and a whole lot of hugs never hurt either. 

Expressions of love are absolutely essential for a senior who is suffering from grief. 

Professional Help 

Severe behavioral changes and a decrease in appetite can be a signal that depression is becoming worse. In this scenario it is best to set up a visit with a counsellor with an LPCC license or another mental health professional.

In some situations the therapist may actually recommend antidepressant or a lesser form of medicine such as occupational therapy or even aromatherapy.