How to Make Yourself More Attractive on a Dating Site

These days, finding a romantic partner might be as easy as downloading a few applications on your smartphone. With these dating platforms, you have more chances to meet interesting individuals, learn about them, and make informed decisions. 

However, finding a companion through casual encounters is not always simple. You need to put in an effort to look irresistible online. How you present yourself and initiate contact with potential matches online can determine whether you end up with a sizzling love life or a romantic wasteland.

Here is what you should know about increasing your chances of finding a partner and enjoying sexy dating online.

Looks Isn’t Everything, But It Definitely Matters

Do women care about good looks when dating? The quick answer is “yes,” though not quite as strongly as they do for men. 

As harsh as it may sound, physical attractiveness is a major factor in online dating. This is the case initially, at least.

Someone who has gone online browsing the best site for hookups is not going to randomly select someone to message. No, they would rather focus on a more physically appealing person.

In the end, women need to feel protected, but it does not mean they would not appreciate a decent look. Your appearance may be the deciding factor when all other factors are equal. So, keep it in mind and invest in looking sharp.

Make Sure that You are Filling Out the Profile Correctly

Not paying attention to your profile keeps you from looking attractive on a dating site. After all, it is your way of telling prospective partners how exciting it would be to be in a relationship with you. 

When describing themselves online, many people attempt to provide every detail they can think of. However, studies show that the most successful users of online dating sites spent only 30% of their profiles discussing themselves and 70% discussing the qualities they want in a potential mate. 

Ideally, it should be a mix of both, and you need to come across as an interesting person. Instead of simply responding that you like reading, you could talk about the book you love the most. Similarly, the best way to avoid sounding like a travel buff is to just list some of the best places you have explored in the past. 

While it is essential to have an attractive profile, know that false information on your profile will get you nowhere. Those who seek low-commitment, casual encounters should be forthright about their intentions before inviting anyone to their apartment for the first date. 

Write Engaging and Interesting Opening Sentences

How you start your profile page can greatly impact how your potential partners perceive you as a suitor. It is important to demonstrate your emotional availability to others by discussing interests and qualities that emphasize people and values.

However, when you eventually hear something from a partner, it is essential to learn the art of initiating and maintaining a conversation. Look for witty and engaging opening lines to grab their attention. 

When writing a message, ensure it is only 40–90 characters. That is how long the typical initial message is that gets a positive response. For example: “You are an expert camper, huh? Can you count the national parks you have visited on your one hand? And if you do everything right, you will get a response eventually. Do not be impatient, though, or you will scare them off.

Have All Your Photos Uploaded and Crisply Edited

As mentioned already, your looks matter a lot in the world of dating and even more in online dating. So ultimately, it comes down to how irresistible you look in your photos. 

Having a couple of photos on your profile makes you less attractive in the eyes of your potential partner. Some people may even tag your profile as “fake” when they do not see enough photos. Therefore, you should upload photos and upload a lot of them. 

Also, be sure to add stunning photos that show how much fun you have in real life. Researchers found that head-tilted smiles were the most attractive facial expression for both sexes in profile pictures. So, before snapping your profile picture, make a slight head tilt and focus on anything upbeat to ensure a genuine grin.

However, you need to keep in mind that it is a good idea to smile, but it is not to show your pearly whites. Experts believe that men who do not show off their teeth in photos have a better chance of getting liked. And that is mainly because it makes you look more “serious” about dating.


Online dating sites have made it easier to find like-minded partners, but you cannot hope to succeed without putting in some work. And it all starts with setting up an attractive profile page packed with stunning photos. Do it right, and you will increase your chances of finding a hookup in no time.