How To Overcome Dysfunctional Behaviors And Rebuild Your Life

Sometimes we can’t see the results of our actions until it’s too late. This is especially true for a young person. People often make life decisions that seem harmless enough at first glance, only to be revealed as terrible choices down the road. 

There are all kinds of decisions that can have bad outcomes, even if the decision appears fool-proof and has been thoroughly thought out. This could be anything from marrying the wrong person to taking doctor prescribed oxycontin leading to addiction. 

Regardless of how you hit rock-bottom, you’re not alone and today is the day to get back on course. To start rebuilding your life, you need a comprehensive plan. There are several aspects of a recovery plan that need to be considered. That’s what will be discussed in the article.

There Is a Unique Solution to Each Person’s Situation

Each person was led off-track by a particular habit and a handful of situational factors. So it’s improper to think that a single solution exists to remedy everyone’s problems. The variables involved in each personal situation are astoundingly complex. And the solution to get you back on track is also complex. 

Having an understanding of yourself, your situations, and the behaviors that hurt your life in the first place are the most important aspects of devising a recovery plan. How did you get off track in the first place?

  • Alcohol, drugs, or even caffeine
  • Bad lifestyle habits 
  • Misfortune and bad luck
  • Family issues

Likely, it’s a combination of variables that all added up to form a cocktail of risk factors.

Everyone has addictions. They can be emotional, physical, intellectual, substance-based, social, etc. Some addictions are actually healthy, like exercise or positive hobbies. If you are struggling with an addiction, it really helps to seek treatment. It’s important to understand that the problem is very common, and addiction can be overcome by forming new positive habits and addictions that enrich your life.

There are too many negative lifestyle habits to mention here, and too many negative outcomes as well. Laziness, binge eating, smoking, drinking, and indulging in risky behaviors are obvious. There are more subtle lifestyle behaviors with equally devastating results. These are often of the emotional/personality type of dysfunctions, like always fishing for compliments, being a know-it-all, or being possessive of people. These behaviors can alienate you from your friends and family.

Sometimes people are just unlucky. Falling through the cracks of society is harder and harder to avoid. Families are broken, individualism reigns supreme. A lot of people were down on their luck, got dealt a bad hand, and no one was there to help them when they needed help.

Regardless of your situation, there is a path to recovery. And that path will take many different forms. Though, it will always be a combination of the basic elements. Those elements make up the basic formula to make life changes.

  • Self-honesty
  • Companionship and discussion
  • A will to restore oneself 
  • Development of new hobbies and relationships
  • Renewed self-confidence and worth

It’s best to get started now.

Do Some Psychological Housecleaning

As previously discussed, those dysfunctional behaviors didn’t come from anywhere. They are learned behaviors and coping mechanisms. Sometimes a person experiences too much hardship and must cope by developing bad habits, sometimes an individual didn’t learn the necessary coping measures, and sometimes people learn it directly from their environment. Self-honesty is the first step. Exactly what behaviors do you have that led you off track? Why do you do those behaviors? When did you first learn the behavior? The answers to these questions help you choose what to do next.

Regardless of your situation, there are a few methods that will put the power back in your hands. One of the most powerful such tools is meditation. This ancient practice is great for centering oneself. Learning to relax and control the mind fixes all kinds of different issues, including anxiety, headaches, and all kinds of emotional disorders.

A Combination Of Small Changes Will Set Your Life Straight

As stated previously, no single action will keep you on track. And overly rigid plans will consume your will and lead you back down when you can’t adhere to them. Making a comprehensive plan to reorder your life will help you restore you to your previous state of being. 

Some things to consider are:

  • Make sure you are surrounded by a good group of people
  • Pick up new healthy hobbies and get addicted to them
  • Remove a single negative habit and introduce a single good habit
  • Remove a single bad dietary item and replace it with a single good habit
  • Get some exercise
  • Let go of old ideas and failures
  • Meditate to calm your thoughts and emotions

Make a comprehensive plan to reorganize and rebuild your life. With a little whit and will, you’ll be back on track in no time.