How to Pass the Time While you are Waiting for your Partner to get Ready

When it comes to getting ready for a night out, there is no secret when saying that some people take far longer than others. For those taking their time getting ready, every minute spent is well worth it; but to those that are kept waiting it can be infuriating and frustrating. 

If you are one of these people that constantly find yourself pacing the floor with gritted teeth, then perhaps you need to provide yourself with something to do while you are waiting, to take your mind off of the time as well as keep yourself calm and relaxed. This way you will enjoy your evening too regardless of how late it actually starts.

#1 Playing games

Playing short games that can be put down at a moment’s notice is a great way of taking your mind off that clock and onto something far more enjoyable. For instance, seeking out the best Australian online casinos could have you wishing your partner was taking even longer just so you can play for longer, especially with the broad spectrum of slots and table games that are available.

#2 Arrange a social date with your friends

It is highly likely that your friends will be aware of the waiting game that is currently being played, so taking the time to arrange further social events with them while they too are waiting could be beneficial to not only you but your friends as well. Setting up a group chat will make sure that everyone is kept in the loop so even those who aren’t waiting will be able to know about up-and-coming social events that are being organized. 

#3 Watch funny videos

There are thousands of funny videos available online for you to watch. Whether you enjoy animal antics or people being daft and falling over, there are plenty that will have you laughing and thoroughly enjoying your waiting time. So much so, that you may even be able to show others or post them to your social media feed so that all of your friends can enjoy them as well.

#4 Start planning your next vacation

However, if you feel that you have watched all that you can watch, finished playing games, and totally reorganized your social calendar and your partner is still not ready (or not even close to it), then there is the opportunity to start looking into your next vacation destination. 

Whether you are purely looking into where you would like to go, checking out prices, or at the point of booking flights and accommodation, there is bound to be something somewhere that floats your boat and gets you dreaming of the perfect getaway for you and your loved one.

Final thoughts

If you are the one that always seems to be waiting, be assured that you are not alone. Many people are left staring at the clock. Pacing the floor, gritting their teeth, and panicking that it just won’t be worth going. 

Moving your mind on and taking it off this less-than-ideal scenario will not only help you relax while you wait, but will also help you enjoy all of your evening – both while you are waiting and when you finally get out of the door and to your destination.