How to Survive the End of Daylight Savings Time with Kids

Though we’re technically getting an extra hour of sleep tonight, we’ve still got some adjustments to make in our house. For this reason, we wanted to share ways that you can make the end of daylight savings time just a little bit easier on your family.

  1. Shift the Sleep Schedule Gradually
    Move bedtime a little later, each night, every night until the actual time change. Making this gradual change will help children to adjust easier to change in time. Making a change of five to ten minutes a night can help to reduce the havoc that comes with the time change. If you don’t have an entire week, use the weeend of the time change to move the schedule forward. Make sure you’re getting enough rest in the time leading up to the change – because the more rested that everyone is during the process, the easier the transition is going to be on the family.
  2. 2. Get Outside
    Making sure the kids are good and tired when their head hits the pillow helps us to fully take advantage of that ‘one hour extra of sleep’. There’s no doubt about the fact that children (and adults) sleep better after having fresh air – so get outside for a pre-bedtime walk and encourage a healthy, and restful sleep with fresh air.
  3. Get Ready for an Early Morning
    Your kids are going to get up earlier – that’s a fact. Preparing this by reducing the amount of sunlight in their bedroom, by using blackout blinds and encouraging them to ‘stay in bed’ until a certain time, playing quiet in their bedroom, helps with the ‘time change hangover’ that comes with being a parent. Consider upgrading their bed with the best foldable mattress we have found.
  4. Breathe
    Just breathe. Everyone will adjust. Try to be patience. Be kind to yourself, and your kids. If possible, try not to overschedule the family through the week after the time
    Tip: Survive the early morning, go to bed a little earlier than you would yourself, and get up early and have breakfast and get outside.

What are some of the ways that you ease the pain of ‘fall back’ and daylight savings?