How To Take Proper Care Of Your Pet Snake

Owning an exotic pet is a lot of fun, but it’s not something you should take lightly at all! These types of pets differ from regular ones like cats and dogs – you need to be prepared for the level of care you’ll have to invest in order to keep your pet healthy! From feeding it the right way to getting used to their behavior, there are a lot of things to consider! Snakes are beautiful creatures, but you’ll truly need to get familiar with their way of life! So here’s how to properly take care of your pet snake! 

Proper housing

The first thing you need to think about when owning a pet snake is getting the right type of housing. Some snakes are bigger than others, so if you need to consider the size of the terrarium – usually, if the snake is twice as long as the length of the terrarium, you need to upgrade to a bigger one. You can always DIY your cage and modify the insides however you like, but you need to get the right size! Also, some snakes can grow considerably fast, and you need to keep up with the growth – know the estimated length that your snake will eventually reach and get a suitable terrarium! They need to have enough space to comfortably roam around! 

The right temperature is key

Temperature is extremely important when it comes to snakes, you tend to regulate the environment according to their needs! So this means that your terrarium should have two zones – one where the snake goes to cool, and the other one where the snake goes to warm up. Some snakes need ultraviolet lights, so they can produce vitamin D, which is needed for their survival. Little things like that are actually extremely important and need to be considered in order to take care of your snake properly! This might seem like a lot of work, but it truly isn’t, with the right kind of housing and the needed additions, your snake will flourish! 

Food and water

Unlike some pets, snakes don’t need constant feeding – some breeds eat twice a week, whilst others no more than once a week. They are strictly carnivorous, in most cases, you’ll be feeding them small mice and rats depending on the size of your snake! A lot of factors determine how long snakes live, so feeding them the right way and giving them fresh water should prolong their life span! Make sure your snake is not starved, but also not overfed, and always remember to give them access to clean water so that they can stay hydrated! Restricting your snake or trying to change its diet will only hurt the snake in the long run, so do your research on your chosen breed and get accustomed to it! 

Care and handling

On one hand, snakes are extremely clean and peaceful, so you’ll enjoy those aspects of owning them as a pet! They are not as social as other types of pets, so don’t expect a lot of cuddles from them – some are more friendly than others, but it all depends on the snake! If you have other pets or kids in your home, make sure that you never leave them with your snake unsupervised, and don’t let out your pet snake if there is a chance that it might run off and get lost in your home! Also, it’s important to note that you shouldn’t disturb the snake right after you’ve fed it, they like to be left alone! 

The fees

Before you jump into becoming a snake owner, you need to understand that owning such a pet costs a lot of money. From housing and power to food and possible visits to the vet, you need to have a certain amount of money on the side each month. Usually, these types of pets need to go for a check-up every few months, but you never know what might happen!  In order to properly take care of your pet snake, you’ll need to provide everything needed for a good and healthy environment – it’s what your pet deserves! 


At the end of the day, every pet is hard to take care of if you aren’t invested – so if you really like snakes, it wouldn’t be a problem to properly take care of one! As long as you get accustomed to their needs, you’ll be a great snake owner! All-in-all, doing research and talking to other snake owners might help in the process, but owning a snake shouldn’t be a big problem if you put your heart into it!