How To Take Time For Academics With A Full-Time Job

On days you would be at the top of your motivation chart; other days, it could take all your energy just to wake from bed. Yes, you have less time for yourself, and everything looks topsy and turvy when you try to juggle your studies with a full-time job.

First, let’s delete the term ‘juggle’ and replace it with a word like ‘balance.’ This should help get some of the pressure. Secondly, it won’t be possible to keep both on track sometimes, and they will falter.

The smart thing here would be to give yourself a much-needed break. Afterall, there will be times like finals or high pressure at work when you have to pull through no matter what. This is why we are bringing you the excerpt below.

It will give you some expert-given choices to follow when you feel slightly bombarded by both.

Taking Time For Academics & A Full-Time Job

“Study now; you can cry all you want after you get that degree.”

1. Focus On What You Have To Achieve

Always keep a steady eye on the end goal. Keep reminding yourself why you are doing this, or it will be easier to give up when everything is in the balance.

Sometimes priorities will change, and you will have other things to focus on. But, as long as you have an anchor to bring you back to what’s important, everything should be back on track.

  • Practice daily affirmation about your goal.
  • Have a person who motivates you on your speed dial. Call them every time you have this urge to give up.

2. Divide Your Time

It is impossible for you to give your 100% to everything at once. Yes, you are not the first person waiting to do so in the first place. But this only means you are losing sleep, not taking care of yourself, and ending up sick for days.

If you wish to avoid such consequences, divide your time accordingly. Start with making a plan. Then divide your day’s hours according to that.

Remember, your hours cannot simply consist of studies, sleep, and work. You have to give yourself time to have a proper meal, wind down after a long day, or wake up properly before starting one. At least an hour or two for some self-care.

Then ensure you know where every hour is going. Intensive scheduling might not be for everyone, but it will be your best friend if you do not want to waste too much time.

3. Take Help From Professionals

Do not fall shy from taking the help. You cannot do it all by yourself, and acknowledging it is your first act of bravery. On the other hand, it will be difficult for someone to understand that you are suffering if you do so silently.

You can take assistance from family members, friends, and colleagues. Talk to your employer about this predicament, and discuss what can be done.

You can even take help from essay writing services in order to help you during rush hours. It is okay if you do not write one essay from your assignment. As long as you gather knowledge, your work is done. You can click here to find the best services.

4. Stop Ways To Procrastinate

Procrastination is poison to your dreams; you will reach nowhere if you give in to these temptations. To stop procrastinating, the first thing to do is acknowledge that you have a problem with procrastination.

Then find your core distraction that triggers the temptation. Once you do these steps, you should be able to find ways to eliminate them.

If they still persist or tend to creep in. Check-in with a therapist and try to understand why this is happening in the first place. This could be an underlying symptom of untreated ADHD. since frequent distraction and inability to concentrate are one of the few symptoms.

5. Utilize Leaves & Vacations To The Fullest

The leaves and vacations list is often provided by the office at the beginning of the year. Your job is to utilize this to the fullest. Find the best time to go for a retreat and the best time to take as many study leaves without hampering your work drastically.

Do not waste your yearly leaves in hopes of reimbursement. Afterall, there are some sacrifices that have to be made.

6. Take Advantage Of Your Commute

Take full advantage of your commute. Of course, there will be some disadvantages, and you might not have the time to finish the entire lesson. But you will certainly have the time to finish looking through some cue cards.

When you have a time crunch, cue cards will be your friend. You will get constant reminders of what you have read so far. Research proves that remembering study material through a word cue can help memorize and recall the facts better.

7. Multitasking During No-Brain Activities

Multitasking is simply task-shifting, therefore not applicable when you are indulging in two important tasks. For example, you cannot watch television while studying since both require concentration.

However, you can always study when you are doing some no-brainer activities. For example, making your bed, doing the laundry, or cleaning the kitchen. Keep sticky notes and cue cards everywhere so that it is easier for you to recollect and brainstorm.

8. Take Time For Yourself

Do not forget that self-care is important when you are already leading such a hectic life. You cannot simply put yourself to such mental and physical exhaustion and then expect nothing to happen to your body without a proper recharge.

Take some weekends off to go socialize, have a self-care day to yourself, read some books for a change, or maybe catch up on the shows.

As long as you know when to come back, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Always Remember The Endgame!

There will be times when exhaustion will make you blind. Your stress meters will be high at times, and discouragement will be every step of the way.

However, if in your heart this is indeed the end game, then stick to it no matter what.

Always remember where you started!