How to Write a CV: a Guide for Starting Out in the Workforce

It takes 5-10 seconds to look through one’s resume. Very little, isn’t it? That’s why it’s important for an applicant to make a good impression from the first lines. A resume is a self-promotion that should “sell” you to your employer. Therefore, your main task is to make all the points of the resume attractive.

But let’s agree at once: no deception in the document, only honest information. There is no point lying when there exist professional CV writing services ready to help. Turning to is the easiest way to invest in your career and get a dream job. Moreover, the tips below will help you introduce yourself and your professional background in a more structured and accurate way.

Follow the Perfect Structure

First of all, you have to make sure you choose the correct structure for your document. Of course, it is almost the same for all resumes. Though it is recommendable to address a list of the most important points not to forget anything:

  • personal data;
  • photo;
  • contact information;
  • the main goal of the application;
  • education and qualifications;
  • experience and list of job duties;
  • your achievements;
  • additional information (knowledge of languages, programs, or courses completed);
  • recommendations and cover letter.

Make a Resume Your Banknote

There is a belief that a resume is a kind of a ticket to an interview. And it is aimed at receiving a call from a recruiter or hiring manager. This erroneous opinion has already “killed” a large number of professionals. 

The main task of such a document is to demonstrate the true value of a person as a professional in a particular career field. If it does not immediately catch the attention of a potential employer, then it will be more difficult to do it at an interview. Thus, a resume is compared to a banknote: it should look like a million dollars.

Customize Your Resume For a Specific Profession

There are no universal documents suitable for all professions. It is important for job applicants to compose different types of documents for each position. Besides, you need to include relevant keywords to beat ATS bots and ensure a human recruiter actually sees your application. The purpose of each type of resume is to show what is necessary for a particular job. 

For example, selling professions require that a potential employee shows how they made money for the company in previous occupations. For IT professions, you need to list your technical skills and knowledge, and for marketing – demonstrate the quality of completed projects.

Don’t Forget About Education

You need to focus on education, especially when the work experience is not sufficient. First, write about higher education or secondary special education. This is necessary for your potential employer to understand that you can complete the project. Indeed, you had enough courage, patience, and skills to graduate from your institution. Why must you fail to perform the given tasks? 

But, of course, your diploma will also allow a recruiter to learn about you as a specialist and understand what expertise you possess.

Numbers, Numbers, Numbers

To make your achievements immediately attractive to HR, use confident language and highlight your main results. If the list of your achievements includes specific numbers, it will be an added bonus for you. 

For example, do not write phrases like this:

  • worked on increasing the number of “warm” clients;
  • participated in the creation of a methodology for maintaining the client base;
  • reduced the company’s costs.

It is better to emphasize the exact results:

  • increased the number of customers by 30% in 2 months;
  • developed a new methodology for maintaining the client base;
  • reduced the company’s costs by 60%.

Maintain the Ideal Resume Length

The ideal length is not more than one page. Recruiters go through dozens or even hundreds of resumes per day, so they don’t have the time to read lengthy documents. Thus, whatever you write on the second and subsequent pages will most probably be ignored. So, if you write valuable information about yourself there, the recruiter will not even know about it.

Avoid Cliché Phrases

According to statistics, one vacancy receives an average of 100-300 resumes per day. Try to interest and pleasantly surprise the employer. If you manage to stand out among other candidates, wait for the recruiter to land the interview.

Use Strong Verbs

Nothing is more persuasive than properly chosen verbs. Just consider how convincing they sound. Analyze and control, coordinate and create, develop and implement. Increase and improve, maximize and maintain, initiate and lead. If you are able to prove that all those words describe you, you will definitely land a job.

Do Not Specify Irrelevant Skills

The employer is not always interested in details that have nothing to do with professional tasks. So, unnecessary information will not work in your favor.

Work on Resume Writing Style

It must meet the following requirements:

  • brevity – the absence of unnecessary word combinations, abbreviations, and notions;
  • specifics and purposefulness;
  • usage of active verbs;
  • accuracy and clarity of thought;
  • selectivity – involves careful selection of information;
  • honesty (absence of false information);
  • literacy.

Final Words

After reading this article, writing or composing a proper resume will not be a problem for you. With an ideal document, your chances of getting hired increase significantly. Still, remember to address specialized services as topresume reviews to get professional help and ensure that your candidature stands out of the crowd.