Impaired Driving: Why You Should Care And How To Avoid It

DUI, or what is commonly known as driving under the influence, has for the longest time been associated with teenage drivers. One thing to note, however, is that there are adults out there who also drive while impaired. It has escalated to a worrying trend considering the many accidents on our highways today, not to mention the injuries and deaths this cruel behavior causes. 

Ask any motorist out there and they’ll tell you for a fact that driving while under the influence is illegal, regardless of the alcohol content in the bloodstream. The reasons as to why some motorists choose to overindulge and still drive are still unknown. But it could be as a result of neglect and carelessness. Either way, there’s a lot at stake! Impaired driving has been a major cause of concern and fortunately, there are various ways to avoid it. 

Why You Should Care And How To Avoid Impaired Driving:

What Is Impaired Driving?

It’s estimated that about 30 people die every day as a result of impaired driving crashes. Surprisingly, these are statistics centralized in the United States. You can imagine the figures on a global scale! It’s a worrying trend. Impaired driving can be defined as operating a motor vehicle, vessel, or train while under the influence of alcohol or other brain impairing substances. 

Damages, Injuries, or deaths that are a result of an impaired driving accident are painful to cope with. You can find out more here on the various ways you can protect your rights or those of someone you love who’s a victim of such cases. Hiring a personal injury could help provide you with much-needed help, especially when it comes to seeking compensation. With so many law firms out there, you’ll want to ensure that you have the best representation from your attorney. Here’s are secrets to finding a qualified personal injury lawyer: 

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Why Should You Care About Impaired Driving?

The mere fact that you are human should be all the more reason to care about other motorists and road users. The statistics of people who’ve been injured, killed, or indirectly affected by impaired driving are worrying. So, why should you care about impaired driving? Here are four compelling reasons. They include: 

1. Impaired Driving Is Considered A Criminal Offense

Do you know what happens to a criminal offender? They have a date with the law! Driving under the influence could send you to jail, get slapped with hefty fines, or both. This is not the plan you had when you bought your first car. 

2. Revocation Of Driving Licenses

As a result of impaired driving, a person runs the risk of having their driving license revoked. This is not something you want as it could affect you for the rest of your life. Additionally, you don’t want such criminal records pinned on your records. This will tarnish your reputation and spoil any chances of getting a solid job. 

3. You Could Injure, Kill, Or Cause Immense Damage To Property

Did you know that you could incur heavy fines even from minor fender benders if you’re found to have been driving under the influence? Imagine what could happen if you injured someone, or, and God forbid, killed someone? There are so many road users, some of them, kids who’ll at the end of the day want to go home. Make sure that they make it home in one piece! 

4. It Endangers Your Life

A lot has been said about how impaired driving could risk the lives of other road users. But did you know that this behavior endangers your life as well? There are higher chances that a drunk driver could sustain serious injuries or lose their lives when involved in an impaired driving accident. These are all the more reasons to be cautious and refrain from driving while under the influence. 

How To Avoid Driving While Impaired

Did you know that alcohol is not the only cause for impaired driving? Well, now you know. Impaired driving can be caused by a plethora of substances including overdosing on marijuana, cocaine, alcohol, sleep, and medication to mention but a few. Below are ways to avoid and prevent impaired driving accidents. They include:

  • Hire a designated driver
  • Hire a taxi home or wherever
  • Forget those unfounded myths; there are no sobering pills and caffeine won’t help much
  • Pullover whenever you are distracted or need some shut-eye
  • Take your medication at the right time and follow your doctor’s instructions to the letter

The guilt a person carries with them after causing a horrific accident stays with them for a lifetime. This is not something you’d wish on anyone, leave alone your worst enemy. It’s even worse when the major cause of the accident was impairment. Everyone has been entrusted with being their brother’s keeper. That sums it up!