Innovative Tips That Will Give You More Room To Store Your Things At Home

Over time our homes accumulate more things than we even realise making storage space sparse. Even if you have a larger home space just seems to disappear. You will find you have far more storage space if you organise things cleverly. 

Here are 8 innovative tips that will give you more room to store your things at home.

Use A Storage Bed

Our bedrooms are often the place we most need a little extra storage space, and if you find yourself in this situation you should consider using a storage bed. These come in various shapes and sizes but typically you can get options that have four vast drawers conveniently placed right under your mattress. You can use this as an extra space to store your clothes, bedsheets, towels, jackets and more. You might be wondering what is the point of a bed storage system if you can just shove things under your bed frame? While that is a fine method too, it often becomes chaotic there with no order or organisation leading to less storage space compared to the bed unit. How you store things is key, you need to ensure you optimise your space and just blindly chucking things under the bed is not doing that. 

Optimize Space In Your Garage

Make the most of unused space in your garage or basement by using shelving units and tool walls to maximise space. The trick to creating more storage space is to organise things properly! Often we just chuck boxes down there and things are not being spaced efficiently. 

It can be difficult to maintain unless you give yourself the right tools to do so. You can find innovative storage units on E-Z Storage including overhead racks, sliding shelves and standard wall shelves. By using your walls and ceiling space you free up the floor space for either more storage or just a clearer walkway. This tends to be a safer way of storing your things too as you are less likely to get tripped up by all the clutter that builds on the floor. 

Under The Stair Storage Space

For a lot of people, there is so much potential and unused space under the stairs. You can convert this space into an integrated cupboard fit for all your storage needs. Alternatively, you could use the space for open shelving so you have easy access to whatever it is you need. This can look super cute in the home and you can pop little trinkets on the shelves to add a bit of character under there. 

Use Drawer Organisers

This is a very easy and inexpensive method to make sure you are maximising the storage space in your drawers. You can fit more in and with it being well organised this will also increase the ease of access to your things. If you invest in a tonne of drawer organisers and put them into place all over the house this will make a significant difference to how much you can fit in. So if you are on a tight budget then this is an excellent tip for you. 

Hang Pots And Pans

Instead of using up your vital cupboard space in the kitchen with pots and pans, hang them up on the wall. You can get creative with this and create a really cool aesthetic to match your kitchen. That way the pots and pans don’t look out of place and not only will this method save you storage space but it will look great too. You can also do this with your mugs and hang them up on hooks around your countertop space. 

Foot Stool Storage 

When you are relaxing on the sofa there is nothing quite like the feeling of popping your feet up on a footstool. Now what would make that even better is if your footstool served a dual purpose and also was a little storage space too. There you can keep game controllers, remote controls, magazines and even fun snacks! While this doesn’t make a major difference to your storage space, every little helps. 

Behind The Door Storage

Another innovative tip to increase your storage space is to use behind the door storage. You can get over the door shoe storage which you simply hang up. If you have a family or live with other people, it is astounding how the shoes just build up and take up important floor space. With an over the door shoe organiser you can put away all those pairs of shoes and have them out of sight whenever you want. This is another inexpensive method that is easy to put into place.

Alternatively, if you are after something a bit more sturdy you can get over the door hanging shelf units. They are designed to be space efficient and small enough that they don’t end up getting in the way. If you are doing this in your kitchen, you could use the drawers to organise your spices, sauces and other dried foods such as pasta and rice

Shower Shelving

Are you sick and tired of the clutter that builds around the shower? Abandoned bottles of shampoo and conditioner somehow seem to gather and take up space. Well, an easy way around this is to install a shower shelving unit. If you have a bath, this can go along the wall side of the bath, but high enough that it does not get in your way when you are in the tub. If you do not have a bath and just have a shower, you could install a corner shelving unit that takes up next to no space. If you are worried about having to drill into tiles/walls, then fear not as you can purchase shelves that either uses suction or glue. Although it is worth noting that the glue units will last longer. 

With these 8 innovative tips, you will have more storage space than you ever imagined you could have. Remember, it is not about the space itself, but rather how well you use it. These tips will help you maximise the space in your home.