Intimidated By Borden Natural Swimming Pool? Here’s what you Should Know Before you Go

When we read about the new pool opening up at Borden Park we couldn’t contain our excitement. I mean, c’mon – natural cleaning systems, sand and an atmosphere that was little kid friendly? Plus, the design is absolutely gorgeous.

You’re going to want to add Borden Park pool into your outdoor fun rotation this summer – here are a few things that you should know before you go.

Here’s what to know before you Go

The Pool Opens at Noon
Get there early, and pack a lunch. It’s one of our favourite pools to bring a lunch because of the opening time compared with other pools. Borden Park is an incredible place to play, with the playground and public art – so, even if you happen to leave the house early there’s plenty to explore and parking is easy.

You’ll Need to Wear Phosphate Free Sunscreen
One of the big rules when you’re visiting Borden Park pool is the sunscreen rule – you won’t be able to wear sunscreen with Phosphates in it. Two of our favourite brands that don’t contain phosphates are Aveeno and Ombrelle. They’ll check your sunscreen for you when you arrive if you’re not sure – and there is sunscreen for sale in case you forget. 

The Changing Rooms are Family Friendly
We love finding pools with family friendly changing rooms. The universal change rooms are our spacious, and provide room for the kids and all your stuff. If you need to, you can rent a locker for fifty cents.

It’s Closer than the Lake
You don’t have to get out of town to get that lake experience. Though this isn’t the typical, chlorinated pool experience, you’re probably going to feel like there’s a bit of adjustment when you visit the Borden Park pool. Plus, there’s sand too. It feels like a day at the lake (but remember to get there early). It’s also kid friendly with the zero entry, and the smaller pool for kids with three sprinklers.

Water Shoes
Your kids might want to wear water shoes when they play in the pool – or, you might. The concrete design is a bit difficult to get used to, and it can be a touch slippery. Something to consider before you visit the pool.

Borden Park is located at 7615 Borden Park Road NW – right next to Northlands. You can find location directions, opening and closures and updates at