Join a Rock Band, or Learn to DJ – Cool Fall Musical Programs for Edmonton Kids

This fall, encourage your kids to step outside of their comfort zone, or find your musically inclined child a new way to release that energy – we’re sharing some of the coolest musical programs in Edmonton for kids, tweens and teens. 

Cool Music Programs for Fall 2019 

Join a Rock Band with Backbeat 
Rock Bands are what we do. We feel that learning to play with other musicians in an actual band is like learning how to drive in an actual car.  By playing in a Backbeat band, bandmates learn teamwork, how to listen to each other, how to play together, and how to effectively communicate. Plus they gain confidence and learn about stage presence by performing at least three times a year as part of a Backbeat Rock Show.
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Learn to DJ with Night Vision Music Academy 
Night Vision Music Academy is the premier destination for your kids if they want to learn the skills of music and production, DJing and Mixing – it’s one of our top choices for older kids programming this year. There are three levels available, and even private lessons. 
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Take a Ukelele Class
Join the ukulele revolution! Beginners welcome! Learn how to hold and strum a ukulele and play some easy chords taught by a very experienced ukulele tutor. Each class will lead into new strumming skills and playing techniques.Various types of music will be introduced: rock and roll, pop, country, reggae, classics, ballads, and class participants’ music requests. Be warned, this little instrument is highly addictive! Remember to bring your ukulele.
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